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Category: Ubuntu

Different Types Of Hard Drive Formats

Formats can mean a lot of different things, in a lot of different industries. Even within the realms of computers, it can have a whole bunch of different meanings depending on what its pertaining to. So before we get into it, I want to address this post is about hard drive formats, including USB, external, Sold State Drives and thumb… Read more →

Linux Operating System Townsville

Common Ubuntu Annoyances

Linux is a great alternative to Windows. Not only is it getting a lot easier to use than it once was, it is no longer just reserved for computer enthusiasts and people who need servers. Linux is known for being robust, stable and secure. Although there are always exceptions to the rule, Linux is a lot of these thing; but… Read more →

linux computer operating system commands

Linux Updates Commands

Email from customer: Hi Ross, I am still having a tonne of fun with Linux and am learning new and interesting stuff everyday. Although everyone said it was a big learning curve I haven’t found it to be a lot of trouble. There was one questions though. I am doing regular updates because I like to keep my system up… Read more →

Townsville Password Recovery

Goodbye 1Password, Hello LastPass

Most people who know me, or read my posts will tell you I have been a long time endorser of the paid password manager, 1Password. Password managers are computer programs that do just that. Most of us have 100’s of passwords now,pretty much for every site we have visited. Every site has different rules about how long our passwords should… Read more →

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