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Address: Idalia, Townsville Qld 4810

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The personal attention only a small local business can provide!

Hello and welcome. My name is Ross Rudall and I am the owner and operator of Townsville computer repair Nerds. We are a small business doing big things. We believe great computer repair support shouldn’t cost a fortune!

Early in my working career I noticed the bigger the business the worse the service got and the more people you had to deal with. You only have to get on the telephone and try to get bill worked out with a massive company to see how hard it is to get something done.

We are a small business who knows all our customers. You are probably someone I know, went to school with or someone related to someone I know.

Growing up my father owned businesses such as Alternative Tiles and he demonstrated a level of service to his customers I have tried to imitate in Townsville Nerds.

This level of service has helped me stay in business for 20 years and will help me for years to come. We care about all our customers.


100% Free onsite no obligation quotes.

A long time ago I had a fridge repair man come out to my house to look at a refrigerator. He popped his head through the door just to tell me he couldn’t do those fridges. And for him to tell me that cost me $70.

I new right then and there I would never do that to my customers.

If you give me a call I will come out to your house and give 100% free, no obligation, no strings attached quote.

I will come out, quickly diagnose your computer problem and tell you how much to fix it. If you don’t accept my quote its no problem at all. I will simply smile and head off to my next customer. There is no stress, no pressure and no obligation on your behalf or mine at all.


Where it all started.

I started Townsville Nerds close to 20 years ago in the 90’s, at the dawn of the internet boom. I was studying Computer Science at James Cook University in Townsville and the business started as a part time job, for a little bit of income while studying.

Initially I was just doing the odd job for friends and family, then word got out and I started doing work around campus and in the dorms.

Before long customers started calling me out to their houses and then the businesses followed. Now I have done work all over the world.

When I finished at James Cook University the transition was easy into a full time job. I basically hit the road running and have been doing this ever since.

With over 9000 customers I must be doing something right.

The motto, you will get the personal attention only a small business can provide, is what separates Townsville Nerds from a lot of other computer repairs company’s in Townsville.

A lot of computer repair businesses in Townsville are actually based out of Townsville, pretending to be local.


Real Local Business

I am actually from Townsville. I live here, went to school here and all my friends and family are here in Townsville. I have been around with the last 20 years in business and will be here for the next 20 as well.

I love my business and I love what I do. If I wasn’t paying myself to play with computer all day I would be doing it anyway.

I genuinely like my customers and most of my friends now are people I have done work for. A few of my clients even come on holidays with me overseas.

I believe my business is as much about you the customer as I believe it is about the computer side of it.

I try and keep my prices as competitive as possible, and I will come out to your house or business and give you a free quote so you can make a decision before repairing. I also don’t charge for coming out to give quotes. And there is no obligation to go with me also.

If you have any questions please call me on 0402 807 890.


Although I have all the nerd skills, I don’t use crazy computer jargon to confuse you or make myself sound smart. Im just a normal guy!


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Townsville Nerds
Address: Idalia, Townsville Qld 4810
Phone: 0402 807 890

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