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Category: BIOS

computer repairs in townsville

Graphics Cards in Laptops

Other than the noticeable difference between a desktop computer and a laptop, there are also a lot of differences under the hood as well. The basics of computers are the same, a motherboard, processor, memory and hard drive, but the way they are all bundled together and arranged is quite different. Unlike a desktop computer, installing and interchanging a graphics… Read more →

speaker beeping when turning on computer

What are Beep Codes – My Computer is Screaming

Have you ever turned your computer on, and it didn’t start up properly. This is not uncommon, but when it does become alarming is when your computer doesn’t start properly but it also literally sends alarms bells in the form of high bitch beep noises. When your computer starts up it performs a POST (Power-On-Self-Test). This is a quick test… Read more →

beeping computer repairs townsville codes

Why Is My Computer Beeping

If one day you turn your computer on and it doesn’t start properly and all you can hear if your computer beeping. there is most likely a hardware problem. Putting your ears to the speaker will determine if the beeping noise is coming from inside the actual computer or from the speakers. In most cases the beeping will be coming… Read more →

townsville computer running slow

Power Settings Slowing Windows 10

Windows 10 is notorious slow. You only have to mention Windows 10 to anyone and the first thing they will tell you is since they have upgraded from Windows 8 or Windows 7, their computer has been running very slow. Modern, faster better computers with Solid State Hard Drives do run much better with Windows 10 on them. But even… Read more →

computer cmos bios

Dell Bios Updates – May 2017

There has recently been a flood of reports on all the forums and many news websites regarding Dell Bios Updates which a stopping a lot of computers booting up properly. Townsville Nerds recommend any of our customers who currently have a Dell laptop of desktop computer, wait a few weeks before updating your BIOS (Basic Input Output System) until Dell… Read more →

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