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Address: Idalia, Townsville Qld 4810


My pricing system separates me apart

Customers call me all the time and ask how much I charge by the hour? I reckon this terribly unfair to my customers and I don’t do it.

I will diagnose your computer for free. And depending on what the problem is quote you accordingly to fix it. Not per hour, so there are no nasty surprises for you. If you don’t accept my quote, thats completely fine. The diagnosis is still 100% free.

I could say $20/hr or $100/hr and it is not going to matter, because it could take a week to fix. The notion is ridiculous and only favours the businesses, not the customers.


No charging by the hour surprises. I will quote you up front for free!

I am the only one doing this! I’ll simply quote you on how much to do the job. No by the hour rubbish or surprises. You will know exactly how much upfront you are up for!


How I price my jobs

How it works is I basically come out to your house or business for free or over the phone if you prefer, take a little bit of my time to work out what is wrong and then quote you on how much to fix the problem. Which you are under no obligation to accept.

If you don’t accept my quote I totally understand and I simply leave and go to my next job. It wont cost you a cent!


I am honest and reliable

I have learnt over the years if I can’t do the job, or it is cheaper for you to do something else, to tell you. It will only come back on me otherwise.

I wont mess you around or take you for a ride and I have got a lot more work in referrals because of this upfront honesty approach to business. Plus I can walk around with my head up high and not have to hide from my customers.


Why I price my jobs like this

Most people wont price their work like this because they are scared their customers wont take them up on their offer.

I am so confident in my prices and workmanship I have no problem charging my customers this way, and my customers like it because they know upfront what it’s going to cost them.


It’s more fair to you

If I came to you and gave you a great price which was too good to be true, but it took a whole day to complete, it might just be cheaper for you to go out and buy a whole new computer.

I wont charge by the hour and leave you wondering how many hours it will take or how much it will cost. I will simply tell you up front how much the job will cost so you know. No surprises!


Payment details

Townsville computer repairs Nerds can accommodate you in anyway you would like to pay. Please refer to our payments page to learn more.


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