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Category: Battery

internet not working in Townsville

Rain and Internet in Townsville

The wet season is fast approaching and we have already seen a little bit of rain this weekend which is playing havoc with peoples modems and routers. Every year when it starts to rain we get a influx if phone calls form customers whose internet has gone down. This is not a coincidence, and it really applies to people who… Read more →

beeping computer repairs townsville codes

Why Is My Computer Beeping

If one day you turn your computer on and it doesn’t start properly and all you can hear if your computer beeping. there is most likely a hardware problem. Putting your ears to the speaker will determine if the beeping noise is coming from inside the actual computer or from the speakers. In most cases the beeping will be coming… Read more →

technical support townsville

Questions and Answers 12-02-2018

Should I turn my computer off when I am not using it Your computer is designed to run for long periods of time, and servers even longer. Saying that, I turn my computer off most of the time when I am not using it. They way I look at it, if it’s not running, the less things can go wrong… Read more →

Townsville computer repair man

Laptop Water Damage

Water is probably one of the worst enemies of computers, right up there with heat and electricity. The biggest problem with water damage to your computer is its ability to affect multiple components in your computer, specially in laptops and notebooks where they are all crammed into close together. Some components are replaceable, like in desktop where its feasible to… Read more →


Need a Townsville Laptop Man?

Townsville Nerds is your place to call for all your Laptop needs in Townsville. With over 20 years of personal experience with everything laptop from replacing memory and hard drives, to removing viruses and speeding your laptop up this Townsville laptop man has the experience you can count on. This Townsville laptop man has been using laptops way before they… Read more →


Townsville Computer Repair Services

Hello, my name is Ross and I am your local Townsville computer repair service man. You are more than welcome to come to me, but mostly I go out to my customers for no extra charge. For many years I owned a computer repair business and internet cafe on Ingham Road. Over the years people started wanting me to come out… Read more →

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