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Category: Gmail

web designers in townsville

Why Your Website Doesn’t Rank in Google

If you have a business or a website, you have probably been contacted a million times before over the phone or spammed in your email of ways to make your website run better or rank higher in Google. There are a many ways to do this, but none of them guaranteed to rank you better – even though people will… Read more →

Web Browser Alterntaives

Awesome Browser Extensions

What are Browser Extensions Your web browser is the program and application you use on your computer like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Internet Explorer to surf the internet and read websites such as this one. The programs come with heaps of functionality to do the things most developers think you want to do. Google Chrome for instance incorporates its… Read more →

Townsville computer repairs

Questions and Answers 09-02-2018

Bang for my buck, what is the best way to speed my computer up? This is actually a really complicated question, but I am going to do my best to answer it and speak in general. Speeding up your computer will depend on what you do. Are you playing games, number crunching, writing software or doing graphic and editing, animation… Read more →

internet, computer, network support in Townsville

Tech Support Townsville

Townsville computer repair Nerds have been proving technical support to homes and businesses in Townsville for over 20 years. I have seen a lot to technical support companies come and go in that time, through the hard times and the good out Townsville Nerds still remains as Townsville most dedicated and reliable tech support companies. We were sitting around the… Read more →


Viruses in Emails

The majority of viruses, malware, spyware and ad-ware we see on peoples computers is stuff they have accidentally installed themselves, by downloading and installing software associated with free; such as games and movies etc. But there are many other ways for your computer to get a virus, email being one of the big ones. Can I get a Virus from… Read more →

Google Chrome Protection

The Site Ahead Contains Harmful Programs

A lot of people use Google Chrome now as their main Web Browser. A web browser is the program on your computer or mobile device like phone or tablet you use to access web sites, such as Google, Facebook, banking etc. There are many different web browsers available. To begin with Netscape was the main one. Internet Explorer as always… Read more →

Gmail Help email townsville

Google’s Gmail Android app and Exchange

What is Google Gmail Android App For the majority of people using smart phones, there are 2 giants in the market. The Iphone which is made by Apple which uses the IOS operating system and Android phones which is made by countless other companies which use Googles operating system named Android. Within the Android operating system you can download millions of different… Read more →

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