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Category: Facebook

interent banking hacked

Has Your Internet Banking Been Compromised

Internet banking is easy and convenient. As long as you have an internet connection and a web browser or App, you can pretty much access your banking anytime, form anywhere in the world. The actual technology for internet banking is very secure also. Not only do banks use tightly guarded secretive algorithms to help protect you, they also utilise widely… Read more →

townsville email scams security

Christmas Scam eMails

As it is getting closer to Christmas again, and as people are starting to get into the giving spirit, we are starting to see a lot of Christmas scams starting again. Technically these scams are not a lot different from others that are constantly going around, but they do play on the generosity of people which is a lot more… Read more →

Computer man townsville laptop

What is the Best Computer for Me

We get asked a lot, “what is the best computer for me?” or, “what is the best computer to buy”? This is a very hard question to answer and most of the time our responsive is it is different for everyone. Everyone has not only different needs and expectations, but they are also different and where and how they do… Read more →

townsville facebook

Stop Websites Asking to Show Notifications

It feels like just about every website I go to these days asks me if I would like to allow notifications. On the Internet views are everything to websites, specially ones trying to sell you something. You view is valuable to them even after you have left. Thats why they want you to allow notification from them, so every time… Read more →

Townsville laptop computer man

What is Social Media

Everyone has heard of, most of us use it, but what exactly is the buss with all this social media going around? Although Social Media is not specific to computers or laptops, and can be accessed by pretty much any internet connected device like mobile phone, tablet and smart watch, it still gets bought up a lot and a lot… Read more →

internet townsville help emails

Understanding the Internet

Speaking to a lot of people in Townsville, after all these years there still seems to be a lot of confusion about what the internet is and it not. Some people think email is the internet and others thing it is a webpage or Google. All these things are close, but probably not close enough. The internet is made up of… Read more →

Pop Up Virus Removal in Townsville 0402 807 890

No network connection – Part 2

Bad Network Driver Device Drivers are software on your computer, which talk to the operating system on your behalf, so basically you don’t have to do anything, just connect. Some drivers are built into your system and other need to be added, such as those with a 4G network card your wireless carrier will provide for you. When you connect… Read more →

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