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Category: iMac

Cheap antivirus purchase townsville

Buy the Most Effective Affordable Antivirus in Townsville

McAfee is the best Antivirus by far! How I came to this conclusion The amount of computers I see infected – I see a lot less computers infected with viruses which McAfee antivirus installed. Computers infected – The computers infected which have McAfee Antivirus seem to be a lot less severe. Pros of McAfee Antivirus Extremely high effectiveness rating Secure web… Read more →

USB Hard Drive Townsville Computer Man

Booting from a USB Drive

USB Thumb and hard drives are great for storing information away from your computer and for backing up important files you don’t want to loose. Just like your hard drive inside of your computer, your external hard drive or USB drive can store information and actually work exactly how your internal drive does. That is, if you do not want… Read more →

alternaive keyboard on macbook townsville

PC Keyboard and Mouse on Mac Computer

Did you know you do . not have to use your Apple Mac specific keyboard on your Imac or Macbook Computer. Keyboards die for all sorts of reasons. For the most part USB keyboards are not very expensive. You can get decent USB keyboards with no brand name from Kmart for under $10. All the Apple computer equipment has a… Read more →

Help recovering data in Townsville

Can You Get Data Off My Hard Drive – Data Recovery Townsville

How HDD (Hard Disk Drives Work) There are new types of technology and computer hard drives coming out all the time. But for the longest time most and still as of 2018 most are still the old hard disk drive. The way they work is basically like an old record player. There is an arm, head and platters, which spin… Read more →

Different Types Of Hard Drive Formats

Formats can mean a lot of different things, in a lot of different industries. Even within the realms of computers, it can have a whole bunch of different meanings depending on what its pertaining to. So before we get into it, I want to address this post is about hard drive formats, including USB, external, Sold State Drives and thumb… Read more →

internet, computer, network support in Townsville

Tech Support Townsville

Townsville computer repair Nerds have been proving technical support to homes and businesses in Townsville for over 20 years. I have seen a lot to technical support companies come and go in that time, through the hard times and the good out Townsville Nerds still remains as Townsville most dedicated and reliable tech support companies. We were sitting around the… Read more →


Will My Mac Hard Drive Work On My Windows Computer

This is a very difficult question because it could related and be answered very differently depending on the situation. Such as are we referring to a Apple Mac hard drive working in a computer as the primary drive, or as an external with files on it. Or can we use a hard drive from a Mac computer and change it… Read more →

Apple Mac Imac Macbook repairs

Apple Mac Wont Upgrade OSX

Computer operating systems are very complicated and technical pieces of software. Unlike most computer software and apps which sit on top and get installed within your operating like Windows, OSX and Linux; Operating systems are responsible for being part of the computer which allows you talk to the physical hardware and components of your computer. I like to think of… Read more →

Townsville computer repair man

Laptop Water Damage

Water is probably one of the worst enemies of computers, right up there with heat and electricity. The biggest problem with water damage to your computer is its ability to affect multiple components in your computer, specially in laptops and notebooks where they are all crammed into close together. Some components are replaceable, like in desktop where its feasible to… Read more →

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