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Category: Outlook

Townsville email pst file help

Common Outlook Problems

Microsoft Outlook is without doubt the most and widely used email client application. Not only has it been around since people started using email, it also comes with most Microsoft Office Suites and it just keeps on getting better with every release. But, like all programs it still has its fair share of problems. This article will endeavour to answer… Read more →

townsville computer repairs data recovery

Lets Talk About PST Files

A PST file (Personal Storage Table) is a file Microsoft Outlook eMail uses to manage and keep your file in the form of email messages, contacts, calendar etc. Depnding on how you setup and use your email, when you open up Microsoft Outlook it will reference your PST file (you can have more than one) and access your email messages… Read more →


5 Reasons Your Email Might Not Be Working

One of the most common problems people call us for, whether its a school, big organisation or home user is email problems. Email are one of the oldest yet still most used and trusted ways to communicate on the internet. You do need internet to send and receives emails and some people have internet problems and in turn affects their… Read more →

Google Chrome Protection

The Site Ahead Contains Harmful Programs

A lot of people use Google Chrome now as their main Web Browser. A web browser is the program on your computer or mobile device like phone or tablet you use to access web sites, such as Google, Facebook, banking etc. There are many different web browsers available. To begin with Netscape was the main one. Internet Explorer as always… Read more →

internet townsville help emails

Understanding the Internet

Speaking to a lot of people in Townsville, after all these years there still seems to be a lot of confusion about what the internet is and it not. Some people think email is the internet and others thing it is a webpage or Google. All these things are close, but probably not close enough. The internet is made up of… Read more →

Gmail Help email townsville

Google’s Gmail Android app and Exchange

What is Google Gmail Android App For the majority of people using smart phones, there are 2 giants in the market. The Iphone which is made by Apple which uses the IOS operating system and Android phones which is made by countless other companies which use Googles operating system named Android. Within the Android operating system you can download millions of different… Read more →

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