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Category: Drivers

computer setup in Townsville open Christmas

You’re Getting a New Computer Christmas

A lot of people get I.T. gadgets, mobile phones and computers and laptops for Christmas. With all the anticipation and excitement to use their new devices, a lot of customers forget to do some basic things on their computer, which result in them calling us not long after they start using their new computer. This post will list in order… Read more →

computer repairs in townsville

Graphics Cards in Laptops

Other than the noticeable difference between a desktop computer and a laptop, there are also a lot of differences under the hood as well. The basics of computers are the same, a motherboard, processor, memory and hard drive, but the way they are all bundled together and arranged is quite different. Unlike a desktop computer, installing and interchanging a graphics… Read more →

What is Command Prompt – Do I Need It

Command prompt is a program on most Windows computers used to give your computer commands from a Command Line Interface (CLI). Although is greatly resembles DOS (which a lot of people would know using Microsoft before it started using a Graphical User Interface) it is not an actual operating system. Rather it is a program used to execute commands, troubleshoot… Read more →

Windows Installer Service Problems

What is the Windows Installer Service Like the name suggests this is a service used by your operating system used to install, maintain and uninstall software and application you want on your computer. Not to be confused with the installation process of the operating system itself. Since Windows 7, the installer now comes built into your operating system and can… Read more →

Townsville computer repairs

This Weeks Questions and Answers – 13-04-18

Do I need to use Microsoft Office? No, you do not need to use Microsoft Office exclusively. For a long time if you wanted to type up a document or make a graph there were few options besides word and excel. After a while other Office type applications starting popping up but the problem was, if you made a document… Read more →

Recovering Data from a Computer with Black Screen

Seeing your computer screen go black and not be able to turn it back on can be a frightening experience. Although the expensive is always in the back of your mind of having to get your computer repaired or replaced, the biggest worry most people face is, are you able to recover your data; photos, music, documents, tax information etc?… Read more →

internet, computer, network support in Townsville

Tech Support Townsville

Townsville computer repair Nerds have been proving technical support to homes and businesses in Townsville for over 20 years. I have seen a lot to technical support companies come and go in that time, through the hard times and the good out Townsville Nerds still remains as Townsville most dedicated and reliable tech support companies. We were sitting around the… Read more →

Computer Not Starting After Update

Updates are suppose to make everything work better on your computer or laptop and most of the time they do. But sometimes it just doesn’t go all to plan. It can be be quite scary for a technological point of view when your computer asks to to an update or upgrade. There are so many programs on your computer. Do… Read more →


New Computer Running Slow

You’ve just bought a new computer, with the latest processor, heaps of memory and a fast hard drive. It should be running super fast, but it still takes a while to start up, login and get to what your doing. Your left wondering why. Well the chances are you didn’t buy a dud. In fact, even a 3 years old… Read more →

be safe when travelling with your technology and laptop

The Truth: Does My Computer Need Maintenance

  I think a lot of not only computer companies, but business in general must love it when people say to them, “do you think we need to get you out for general maintenance” on something. I am sure there are a lot of different machines, devices and systems out there which do need constant maintenance, but generally speaking, most… Read more →

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