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Category: Smartphone

computer repairs townsville

I’ve Lost Internet When I Added a New Network Device

Its one thing for someone in the shop to say,  “Just plug it in and it will work’, but its always a different situation when you but a network related device, add it to your internet at home and things just stop working. The main reason behind this is your network at home or business, in most cases are reliant… Read more →

Windows 10 Upgrade townsville laptop computer man

5 Things You Never New Windows 10 Could Do

We all use Windows for a lot of basic things like checking emails, writing documents, research, playing games or just surfing the web.  But there are tonne of other things Windows 10 can do you probably didn’t know about. I know what you are thinking’ it’s going to be totally geeky stuff, only Townsville computer nerds are going to want… Read more →

Gmail Help email townsville

Google’s Gmail Android app and Exchange

What is Google Gmail Android App For the majority of people using smart phones, there are 2 giants in the market. The Iphone which is made by Apple which uses the IOS operating system and Android phones which is made by countless other companies which use Googles operating system named Android. Within the Android operating system you can download millions of different… Read more →

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