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Category: Android

different types of computers in townsville

6 Types of Computers

It feels like just about every other week there is some new terminology or new thing you need to understand when it comes to computers. Not only does this device do this and that, a lot of the time I think to myself doesn’t this old laptop do the exact same thing as the new, except with a much lesser… Read more →

Web Browser Alterntaives

Awesome Browser Extensions

What are Browser Extensions Your web browser is the program and application you use on your computer like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Internet Explorer to surf the internet and read websites such as this one. The programs come with heaps of functionality to do the things most developers think you want to do. Google Chrome for instance incorporates its… Read more →

Cloud computing

Dropbox vs Onedrive vs Google Drive

Most of us have probably heard of one of these services. With the race being on for who will be the most superior cloud storage provider, it is hard to know which services are legitimate, and what has to offer. This post hopes to provide some insight as to what these services are and what each can provide to help… Read more →

Internet help Townsville computer man

IPv6 and Android Wireless

Recently I updated my router. In fact I went from using my Apple Airport Extreme to using a custom made PFSense Linux Operating System instead of a standard router. My PFsense router has IPv6 on as default. A lot of new routers supplied by your interest service provider will have this as well, even if your ISP doesn’t support it.… Read more →

Gmail Help email townsville

Google’s Gmail Android app and Exchange

What is Google Gmail Android App For the majority of people using smart phones, there are 2 giants in the market. The Iphone which is made by Apple which uses the IOS operating system and Android phones which is made by countless other companies which use Googles operating system named Android. Within the Android operating system you can download millions of different… Read more →

Townsville computer repairs Nerds and computer phones

AirDroid – Computer to Android Phone

There are a lot of option for transferring files from your computer to you Android phones. A very popular method for a lot of Samsung users is Kies, but most phones have their own software for managing their Android devices, much like Apple has Itunes. But what if you want a lot more from a software package on your computer than just transferring… Read more →

Safe web browsing Townsville

Brave Web Browser

If you are sick of surfing the internet and being bombarded with advertisements, slow browsing speeds and your privacy being jeopardized, the new Brave Web Browser might be for you. The internet has changed a lot over the years. To begin with it was slow, so users weren’t really looking for a new web browser because it didn’t matter what… Read more →

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