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Category: Townsville

data recovery townsville

Common Mistakes When Building a Computer – Part 4

CPU Power Connection Your CPU will need its own power. The power connection comes directly from the power supply and is much smaller than the connection you connect to your computer. You might have everything installed correctly and still hear and see your computer power up, but it will not post unless you have power running to the CPU.  The… Read more →

computer setup hard drive

Common Mistakes When Building a Computer – Part 3

Buying Incompatible Parts It very easy with all the excitement to buy the wrong parts for you new build. Not all CPU’s will work with all computers and motherboards and not all RAM (memory) will either. When buying computer parts to build your own computer it’s very important to research what components will work together. Currently Townsville Nerds does nit… Read more →

Townsville computer geeks

Common Mistakes When Building a Computer – Part 2

Poor Airflow Management Computers perform much better when the are not running hot. In fact to much heat can not only slowly jeopardise the speed and functionality of your computer,it can also damage parts. As well as having water cooling on your CPU or a fan on your heat sink, most computers cases either come with fans to blow cool… Read more →

Protect from Ransomware Malwarebytes

Malwarebytes Has Fixed Windows 7 Freezing Problem

A lot of my customers over the years use Malwarebytes to diagnose, repair and remove virus and malware from their computers. Windows 7 was a great operating system and a lot of people still use it. Most of them who use Windows 7 and Malwarebytes will tell you lately their computers and laptops have been freezing when combined and I… Read more →

computer repairs in townsville

Why Your Voice Controlled Speaker Might Be Failing

Voice controlled speakers are amazing. With this type of name it is easy to think they just play music on command from your voice, but in fact they are a lot more. With a device such as Amazon Echo or Google Home, you can literally control your other device such as lights, computers, television, locking systems and air-conditioners from the… Read more →

townsville internet problems

The New Firefox Quantum

Firefox Quantum is Mozilla’s new web browser which is said to be faster, more stable and have an overall much better user experience for users than previous versions of Firefox. But first, what is a Web Browser? A web browser is a program or application on your computers, tablet, laptop or phone which is used to access websites, such as… Read more →

wifi problems microwave townsville

Wireless Internet Dropping Out Periodically

Sometimes wireless internet can drive you crazy. On one hand it is convenient – you do not have to run cables all over your home or business, and on the other you can feel hopeless an unable to do even the most basic things like view a website or check an email. The situation usually goes like this. You know… Read more →

Understanding Factory Reset and Refresh

When you first get your computer it is at its factory default settings – the way it was manufactured at the time, with no personification at all. When you get your computer you do a whole lot of different things on it such as installing software, connecting to the internet and printers and adding personal folders, files, pictures and movies… Read more →

interent banking hacked

Has Your Internet Banking Been Compromised

Internet banking is easy and convenient. As long as you have an internet connection and a web browser or App, you can pretty much access your banking anytime, form anywhere in the world. The actual technology for internet banking is very secure also. Not only do banks use tightly guarded secretive algorithms to help protect you, they also utilise widely… Read more →

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