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Category: Townsville

email help townsville

Moving Mozilla Thunderbird from One Computer to Another

Mozilla Thunderbird is a great free email client which works on Windows, Apple Mac Computer and Linux. The best thing about Mozilla Thunderbird is not only is it free, it also has a been a round a long time (in computer years) and has a massive following, which means it doesn’t look like its going anywhere anytime soon. Because so… Read more →

new web browser concept townsville

Opera Neon Concept Browser

Your web browser is the program you are using right now, most likely Internet Explorer, Edge, Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. It is the application you use to access websites on the internet like Townsville Nerds. Originally web browsers were only designed to do a couple of things like display text. Gradually they improved adding media such as Music, video and… Read more →

townsville computer recovery

How to Watch 4k Netflix on your Computer or Laptop

4K cinematography is a technology you can view Netflix Video, with a resolution of around 4000 pixels horizontal screen resolution, giving you a deeply rich and clear picture. But just because a Video is reordered at 4k resolution, doesn’t mean every television or computer/laptop, device or screen can view it at the size. To watch 4K Netflix on your computer… Read more →

townsville computer man

Three Reasons Your Computer is Running Slow

There are literally millions of reasons your computer will run slow. Its easy to think just because your computer is running slow, it is getting old. Although age can play a part on your computer running slow, it is usually not the reason. When we talk about a computer running slow as its getting older, unless it’s the hard drive… Read more →

photo library townsville mac apple

Extracting Photos from Iphoto and Photos on Mac

There has always been fierce debate between Windows and Mac users as to which is the better operating system and which is the easiest to use. I have always used both, so I try and look at it objectively. However, no matter who you talk to someone will always be on one side of the fence. I personally think once… Read more →

Townsville computer repairs

Understanding Internet Streaming

Streaming is one of those IT buzz words we are seeing a lot, like “the cloud” or “VPN”. Lots of companies are of offering you different streaming services and its pretty hard to understand what each one is and what they do. Although streaming can be applied to a lot of different internet activities, for the most part it is… Read more →

data recovery townsville

Common Mistakes When Building a Computer – Part 4

CPU Power Connection Your CPU will need its own power. The power connection comes directly from the power supply and is much smaller than the connection you connect to your computer. You might have everything installed correctly and still hear and see your computer power up, but it will not post unless you have power running to the CPU.  The… Read more →

computer setup hard drive

Common Mistakes When Building a Computer – Part 3

Buying Incompatible Parts It very easy with all the excitement to buy the wrong parts for you new build. Not all CPU’s will work with all computers and motherboards and not all RAM (memory) will either. When buying computer parts to build your own computer it’s very important to research what components will work together. Currently Townsville Nerds does nit… Read more →

Townsville computer geeks

Common Mistakes When Building a Computer – Part 2

Poor Airflow Management Computers perform much better when the are not running hot. In fact to much heat can not only slowly jeopardise the speed and functionality of your computer,it can also damage parts. As well as having water cooling on your CPU or a fan on your heat sink, most computers cases either come with fans to blow cool… Read more →

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