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Category: Privacy

Cheap antivirus purchase townsville

Buy the Most Effective Affordable Antivirus in Townsville

McAfee is the best Antivirus by far! How I came to this conclusion The amount of computers I see infected – I see a lot less computers infected with viruses which McAfee antivirus installed. Computers infected – The computers infected which have McAfee Antivirus seem to be a lot less severe. Pros of McAfee Antivirus Extremely high effectiveness rating Secure web… Read more →

USB Hard Drive Townsville Computer Man

Booting from a USB Drive

USB Thumb and hard drives are great for storing information away from your computer and for backing up important files you don’t want to loose. Just like your hard drive inside of your computer, your external hard drive or USB drive can store information and actually work exactly how your internal drive does. That is, if you do not want… Read more →

online storage data townsville computer man

Pros and Cons of Online Storage

When we are talking about computers and phones and refer to storage we are basically talking about the hard drive on our device in which we store our photos, media and applications. On these hard drives there are other files as well, like programs which make our computer run, or the operating system itself like Microsoft Windows, Apple OSX or… Read more →

bank request

Your Bank Has Told You to Get Your Computer Checked

There are many scams online right now. When we think of computer virus and hackers we automatically think of some antisocial type personality, sitting in their basement, hacking away. I don’t think its really like that anymore. It seems more people are interested in scamming you and making money, over destroying your computer. The people aren’t the antisocial type, but… Read more →

townsville data recovery free quote

Townsville Data Recovery

Data recovery in Townsville is synonymous with costing a lot of money. Yes, recovering data is hard and time consuming, but with Townsville Nerds does not cost a lot of money. WE WILL GIVE YOU A 100% FREE NO OBLIGATION DIAGNOSIS AND QUOTE At Townsville Nerds, we will look at your hard drive or failed device which you would like… Read more →

computer virus townsville

Which is the best Antivirus for you

People ask me all the time which is the best antivirus program for their Microsoft Windows computer. This is probably the hardest question to answer, as there is no one shoe fits all strategy here. There is a clear difference in what anti-viruses corporate businesses should use who host web sites, servers and data sets. But when it comes to… Read more →

Townsville laptop and computer man security

Child Proof Your Computer

Newly father here, so I’m starting to write about things that effect me, not just my customers. As I was writing my previous post I had my son on my lap and noticed he was just starting to reach out and grab things. I couldn’t type and he kept pressing the keyboard and I thought to myself; wow, I’m soon… Read more →

Wireless Security Wifi Townsville

Stay Protected When Using Public Wifi

Most, if not all, NBN or ADSL internet connections in our home or at work come with wireless (wifi) built in. For the most part when encryption is turned on this is quite secure. But most of us who are accustomed to using wifi do not think twice about it when using a public wifi spot. When travelling or sitting in… Read more →

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