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Category: Gaming

computer repairs in townsville

Graphics Cards in Laptops

Other than the noticeable difference between a desktop computer and a laptop, there are also a lot of differences under the hood as well. The basics of computers are the same, a motherboard, processor, memory and hard drive, but the way they are all bundled together and arranged is quite different. Unlike a desktop computer, installing and interchanging a graphics… Read more →

different types of computers in townsville

6 Types of Computers

It feels like just about every other week there is some new terminology or new thing you need to understand when it comes to computers. Not only does this device do this and that, a lot of the time I think to myself doesn’t this old laptop do the exact same thing as the new, except with a much lesser… Read more →

internet, computer, network support in Townsville

Tech Support Townsville

Townsville computer repair Nerds have been proving technical support to homes and businesses in Townsville for over 20 years. I have seen a lot to technical support companies come and go in that time, through the hard times and the good out Townsville Nerds still remains as Townsville most dedicated and reliable tech support companies. We were sitting around the… Read more →

internet townsville help emails

Understanding the Internet

Speaking to a lot of people in Townsville, after all these years there still seems to be a lot of confusion¬†about what the internet is and it not. Some people think email is the internet and others thing it is a webpage or Google. All these things are close, but probably not close enough. The internet is made up of… Read more →


Townsville Computer Repair Services

Hello, my name is Ross and I am your local Townsville computer repair service man. You are more than welcome¬†to come to me, but mostly I go out to my customers for no extra charge. For many years I owned a computer repair business and internet cafe on Ingham Road. Over the years people started wanting me to come out… Read more →

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