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Christmas Scam eMails

As it is getting closer to Christmas again, and as people are starting to get into the giving spirit, we are starting to see a lot of Christmas scams starting again.

Technically these scams are not a lot different from others that are constantly going around, but they do play on the generosity of people which is a lot more abundant this time of year.

All these scams are focused on either getting control of one of your accounts, or your computer, in which hey do through elaborate methods of deceit and technology.

Most of these scams are under the rouse of helping an existing organisation with the end game of stealing your money.

criminal scam viruses townsville

eMail with Spyware

The most prevalent scam of this nature right now is a fake email which comes under the name of an organisation in Australia or popular world wide you might have already heard of.

Within this email is a file you are requested to download which has an installer you are encourage to execute.

When you do, it installs spyware on your computer which tries to spy on you and record important information like bank usernames and passwords, Paypal sand Mygov etc.

Its often too late when the victim finds out they have been scammed, when the either get a call from the bank because their account and been blocked or money goes missing from their account.


Phishing eMails and Sites

These are types of fake websites which look exactly like the official ones but usually have a slightly different domain names, or misspellings.

They make these sites so you think they are the real ones you already have accounts with and enter your username and password; given the criminals your exact credentials they can use to get into your account.

These sites are either sent to you in emails or someone has made fake ads you have been deceived into clicking on.

Most of the time you can regain access to these accounts buy going to the login section and requesting a new password.


Phone Scams

This is not email or really computer related but I felt it needed to be mentioned here as well as people are getting scammed this way also.

The way these Christmas scams work over the phone is a (fake) reputable organisation calls you in hope you have already donated in the past.

They ask you for a donation by credit card over the phone, to help people needing over Christmas. Do not do this!

Its great and I encourage everyone if they can to donate to legitimate organisations to help people in need.

But if you want to, the best thing to do is just say i will call your organisation myself and hang up. Do your own research, find the organisations real phone number either via their site or through documentation, and call and donate to them directly.


Personal Advice

Be vigilant always. Do your own research and be weary of people contacting you directly.

Always keep an eye over your banking accounts, change your passwords regularly for important accounts and keep your antivirus and computer software security up to date.





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