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Graphics Cards in Laptops

Other than the noticeable difference between a desktop computer and a laptop, there are also a lot of differences under the hood as well.

The basics of computers are the same, a motherboard, processor, memory and hard drive, but the way they are all bundled together and arranged is quite different.

Unlike a desktop computer, installing and interchanging a graphics card is significantly different.

For the most part, and there are exceptions to this, it is mostly always much harder, more expensive and less likely you are able to add or change a graphics card to your laptop.

Computer Repairs Townsville

With most desktop computers, there is a graphics slot you can simply pull out your old graphics card and replace it with a new one. It’s not even remotely similar with a laptop which is much more integrated, connected and as one unit, as opposed to multiple parts in a desktop computer.

The three different scenarios are as follows:


CPU’s Contain Graphics Processor

A lot of CPU’s (Central Processing Units) also double as your graphics processor as well.

This is the case for most laptops, as a lot of people buy them for convince; the ability to take them places over the ability to need high definition graphics for tasks such as gaming.

If your laptop is one of these (most laptops) there is no room for expansion built into your laptop.

You might be able to update the processor to accomplish better graphics (a whole different kettle of fish), but you would not only have to be lucky, but also the expense might warrant buying a new laptop instead.

After all, if your graphics card is no longer playing the games you want, it is probably an older laptop and with older computers, there are no guarantees other parts might start failing as well.

This option will probably not also see that much of an improvement in performance


Your Laptop has a Graphics Card

If you bough a gaming laptop with its own independent graphics card there is a chance you might be able to upgrade.

When I say a chance, again unlike a desktop graphics card which it really doesn’t matter what type you buy (with in reason, slot etc) a graphics card in your laptop will need to meet a lot of restrictions to be able to be fitted.

You just can’t buy any graphics card for your lap[t and put it in.

It will need to meet specifications of a wide range of things such as manufacturer, compatibility, and size etc. Some manufacturers might not even provide and make upgrades to a lot of models – it can be quote difficult also.


Upgrading Graphics for Purpose of External Monitor

Although this is not technically upgrading your graphics card, a lot of people wish to do so because they want to run an external display from their laptop which currently has not port to do so.

You might want to add an extra monitor or connect it to a TV to watch movies or make a display.

The best way to do this would be to buy an USB to HDMI convertor.

With this type of device you plug it into your USB port on the side of your computer, it converts it to a HDMI connection on the other side of the convertor in which you plug your HDMI TV into.

They usually are not expensive and be a great quick fix to accomplish this need.

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