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Category: HDMI

computer repairs in townsville

Graphics Cards in Laptops

Other than the noticeable difference between a desktop computer and a laptop, there are also a lot of differences under the hood as well. The basics of computers are the same, a motherboard, processor, memory and hard drive, but the way they are all bundled together and arranged is quite different. Unlike a desktop computer, installing and interchanging a graphics… Read more →

beeping computer repairs townsville codes

Why Is My Computer Beeping

If one day you turn your computer on and it doesn’t start properly and all you can hear if your computer beeping. there is most likely a hardware problem. Putting your ears to the speaker will determine if the beeping noise is coming from inside the actual computer or from the speakers. In most cases the beeping will be coming… Read more →


Streaming Devices – Apple TV vs Roku

Streaming devices are little box’s like your Austar or Foxtel box you use to watch any type of media like movies, TV Shows and look at Photos. But instead of over the cable networks or satellites, you use your internet connection to view what you are looking at. Although Australia has nowhere near the amount of services you can use… Read more →

Safe web browsing Townsville

Brave Web Browser

If you are sick of surfing the internet and being bombarded with advertisements, slow browsing speeds and your privacy being jeopardized, the new Brave Web Browser might be for you. The internet has changed a lot over the years. To begin with it was slow, so users weren’t really looking for a new web browser because it didn’t matter what… Read more →

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