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Missing DLL File Errors – And what to do about it

dll files

Your computer is a very sophisticated piece of equipment. At its core (Binary) 1s and 0’s, your computer turns on (1) and odd (0) many times per second.

You have your computer hardware which is the physical components like hard drive and memory and you have your operating system like Linux, Windows and OSX which help you and your programs talk to the hardware.

In between there are many other different programs and files such as drivers, programs like Microsoft Word and personal files like Video and Pictures.


What are Dynamic Library Link Files

Another important file type on your computer is called a DLL (Dynamic Library Link).

A DLL file is a special type of file which has information for the operating system on how to perform different types of tasks and functions.

Sometimes Dynamic Library Link files get damaged or destroyed. When a particular program or task calls a damaged or missing DLL file (sometimes during start up or sometimes within another program like trying to dave something) the computer may not no what to do, resulting in a BSOD (Blue Screen of Death), freezing, an error or the inability to start up properly.

This does not necessarily mean you have a virus on your computer, however some viruses can damage DLL files, but it can also be for a host of other reasons.

Depending on the file which is damaged and the task you are trying to perform will help you identify the culprit and help you work out how to fix it.


Identifying the Problem

During Startup

If the Dynamic Library Link error appears when you are starting up your computer, it probably means one of the files which are damaged is the list of startup processes your computer is performing on booting up.

Going in to “MSCONFIG” utility and looking at the startup items will help you identify which one.

If you can not tell my reading the list of items, what i do is turn off a few at a time and reboot the computer to see if it makes a difference, noting down which ones I’m turning off.

If the error stops, then i will know which one caused it and this will help me to move on to my next step below.

Disclaimer: Be very careful what files you turn on and off during the startup of your computers. Removing the wrong link in the chain can cause instability or your computer might not start up at all. Do not do this is you do not have the experience or have not backed up!

While using the computer

The two most common times this error will occur is when you are using an application of executing one.

Both will require you reinstall the program. If you click on an icon and the error happens thats an easy one, you will know exactly which program it os.

However, if you are using a program and your get a DLL error, it could be within the application or something in the background running – which makes it a bit hard to identify because programs can link and rely on other parts of the computer to perform its tasks and shares.




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