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Data Recovery Townsville

Townsville Nerds specialise in all sorts of data recovery for your computer, laptop, desktop, notebook, mobile device, usb, external hard rive, usb etc.

When your looking for data recovery Townsville we can help you.

Red_Arrow_RightWorried your Data Recovery will cost too much?

Analysing your data to find out whats wrong if a very time consuming. If you don’t mind dropping your drive off to me, I will analyse it 100% completely free.

100% Free No Obligation Quotes!

There is noting worse than the feeling you get when you turn your computer on and it wont start. Then you get it fixed only to find out all your data, baby photos, work documents, school documents, or tax details are either lost or corrupted.

We all know we should back up, but few of us actually do it. Or, never think about it until its too late!


What is Data Recovery?

Data recovery Townsville is the process of recovering your precious data in the most efficient way to recover as much as possible without further damaging any existing data.

Most of the time data recovery in Townsville consists of recover data from internet hard drives in computers or external storage devices such as external hard drives and USB’s.


What Causes Data Loss?

There are many reasons your data can be loss or corrupted.

Interesting fact: When you deleted files from your computer they go to the recycle bin. And even after you delete or recycle those files from the bin they are not immediately deleted. They are still on your hard drive until you load enough new files over the top of the data on your hard drive. So a lot of the time deleted files can easily be recovered.

Operating System Corruption

Your operating system (Windows 7 or 8.1 etc) is a a growing mutating system of files constantly being used, closed, moved, deleted and created. This leaves a lot of room for things to go wrong and a lot of operating system become corrupt.

This in itself is usually not a problem and is just a matter of un-mounting your hard drive and attaching it to another computer and pulling off your data. Then returning your hard drive to your computer and reloading the operating system and putting your data back on.

Hardware Failure

Physical failure to your hard drive or storage component can have catastrophic effects on your datas integrity.

Hardware failure can happen for a number of reasons including age, physical damage due to movement or overheating due to hot systems and the Townsville heat.

Data recovery Townsville find it significantly harder to recover data from physically damaged device and may need to send it away to buy and use expensive modified and custom created parts to recover your data.


Most viruses these days I see in Townsville the last few years work with the intension of trying to get money from you in some sort of way.

In the past a lot of viruses were created just to cause havoc and annoy or hurt you. Now there seems to be a combined scenario where they hurt you if you don’t pay them in advance.

Cryptolocker is a perfect example of a virus which holds all your files hostage until you pay them. Some people have reported after paying their files were not decrypted so they could use them, other say they were.

Until this date in May 2015 there is no known solution to the Cryptolocker Virus.


Why do you need us?

You do not want someone who has little to no experience doing your data recovery Townsville. Just because you can not see your data in the usual way, doesn’t mean it isn’t there or isn’t easily accessible.

Many times customers have come to use because a friend or a inexperienced Townsville computer repair and data recovery man has made matters worse by further corrupting the data or deleting and damaging it altogether.

I have 20 years in Data Recovery experience!

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