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Can I Accidentally Backup a Virus

The short answer to this questions is, yes.

However, it is a lot more complicated than that. When we are talking about files on our computer we are mostly talking about two different types.

The first is system and program files which are the ones which make our computer operate, boot up and programs run. The second file type is our personal documents such as photos, movies and word files.

Depending on what type of viruses you have on your computer and the state in which they exist, will determine if you accidentally backed them up and if they will be restored to your system once you plug your backup device back in.

computer virus back up


Personal Files

When backing up your computer this is usually the most import thing. The file which are personal to you such as documents and photos.

Programs can always be reinstalled again but once you loose your personal files they are gone for ever.

So, even if you only backup your personal files, this should be enough.

In comparison to your system being infected, it’s much rarer for actual personal files and documents to be infected. If you do have a virus on your system, in most (not all) cases backing up your personal files will not back up the virus.

If there is a virus on your personal files like “My Downloads”, something you have downloaded, it is most likely in its preinstalled state, as an installer and will probably not do anything until you click on it and run and execute it to install.


System Files

When we do a complete computer system back up, you are literally backing up everything. The good and the bad.

If your system is infected such as Microsoft Windows, backing up this way will backup the virus as well. If you do a complete recovery onto a new system afterwards you very likely run the risk of restoring the viruses as well.


What Can You Do

If you think you might have backed up a file or you a not sure, please call Townsville Nerds on 0402 807 890 and we will do a 100% complete complimentary scan on your drive before you restore it or plug it back into your system or a new system.

Unfortunately the antivirus programs are not always good enough to find viruses on your system or drive. We use professional grade antivirus programs and manual analysis to find and quarantine computer viruses.

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