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Cryptowall is dangerous

Today I am going to tell you about a virus which has been around for a couple of years raging havoc all over the world on the internet.

Its name is Cryptowall and although it acts and is a terrible nuisance like a virus, it actually isn’t one.  I guess the closest range of malicious software it falls into is ransom ware.  As in it holds your computer files, specifically stuff you care about, emails, photos etc to ransom until you pay the sum of $500.

There have been many reports of people actually paying the ransom for the release (decryption) of their files.  Some have been successful, others are never heard back from again.

Cryptowall virus in Townsville

Cryptowall is not actually a virus.

It does not replicate itself and is in fact a encryption program which alters and changes the makeup of your file so it can not be used and restore to what you are used to seeing.

At this current time there is no freely available decryption process out there to remove this menace.  The program itself can be removed so it can not make things any worse, but once the damage is done can not be repaired with out the decryption key.

Simply removing the virus wont work and although some people have said to had success moving menace by doing a system restore, no one I know has actually been able to do it.

Which leaves us with the age-old notion of prevention is better than the cure. For most of us only after disinfecting our computer of the viruses and then restoring our existing files from backup will be the only remedy.

If you have Cryptowall on your computer please give us a call to remove it.  Hopefully you would have backed up though, because if you haven’t there will probably be no way to restore your files Cryptowall has locked up.

Most people forget to backup until it is too late. Buying a portable hard drive to back up your computers files might actually be the best financial and computer related decision you will ever make.

Most people take it for granted a d think it will never happen to them until it does.

Do not be caught unaware. Back up your important files, even if its only once or twice a year!

Townsville computer repairs Nerds are very familar with this type of ransomware .


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