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Computer Virus Removal

UPDATE: (30-06-15) Since writing this article we have seen a lot more viruses actually targeting people in Townsville. The need for virus removal Townsville has never been greater.

For whatever reason, maybe because Townsville has a large NBN based infrastructure in place, but more and more man made computer viruses are targeting us in Townsville.

Emails with subject lines such as “Important News for Townsville” and “Townsville weather warning” has been seen containing viruses directly targetting to affect you in Townsville.

Please read more there..


Virus Removal Townsville

It’s well known that computer viruses on your computer can be a major threat.  Not only are they annoying, they can destroy your data, lock you out of your system, hold you ransom and basically get into all aspects of your business.

The whole deal of having a computer virus can feel expensive and time consuming. You might have years of data not backed up that could be infected and maybe even unrecoverable.

It used to be if you got a virus on your computer you new about it. Everything started behaving crazy and your system would start doing its own thing. Web pages would go to wherever they wanted to, not where you wanted them to, or your system simply would restart.


In a lot of cases computers can be restored to their original condition. In other cases the computer would be no good.

But now as time has gone by, the whole computer virus thread has evolved. Many of these threats come form overseas, in country’s we don’t even know where they are on the map, nor how to protect ourselves form them.

These people (criminals) writing these viruses were out for nothing more than to rave havoc and see if they could do whatever they wanted to. To the most part they were successful.

As times have changed so has the motives and ways these criminals operate. They are no longer content to drive you mad, destroy your computer or just be a menace. Now they want your life, now they want your money!

We are very lucky to live in a place like Australia and even luckier to live in the North. Most of the world lives in the cold and more than half of the population of this planet is so poor to have never even made a phone call.


Removing Viruses in Townsville


The tiniest bit of profit, even a couple of dollars can make a big difference in someone’s life.

I often here people say, “How do Aussies fall for the scams over the telephone from people who can barely speak English living in other countries?” And my answer is, I don’t know! But, they have been going on for over 80 years so they must be profitable. And even a couple of dollars can be very profitable in many foreign countries.

Which brings me back to the new form of virus removal Townsville effecting more of my customers than anything else called “Spyware”.

Spyware has been around for a few years now, but as of 2013 has really come into its own, at least for my customers and myself in Townsville. Little by little customers are being infected with destructive viruses and more people are getting Spyware. And it’s a big problem.

Whereas Viruses will destroy your computer and data, Spyware has the intention of spying on you and destroying your bank account.

Do you do Internet banking? What about eBay, or pay bills on like with your credit card? Have you ever logged into your online banking to check your bank account or transfer money to someone you know?

These are the types of things Spyware are looking for. Your account details, your passwords and anything they can use to make a profit from, even if it’s not a lot.


So what can you if you need Virus Removal Townsville?

  1. Keep your antivirus program up to date.
  2. Keep your operating system (windows 7, 8etc) up to date with automatic updates.
  3. Don’t open suspicions emails.
  4. Don’t accept things form people you don’t know
  5. Make sure your firewall is turned on.
  6. Don’t open files unless you are sure what they are.

Many of these spyware/virus type programs get onto your computer because of your habits. For example, every body loves something for free. Most people use uTorrent to download free music and movies off the Internet.

I am not judging you in anyway, but I use iTunes and it is not free. But it is safe. Using programs designed to share files for free over the Internet is revolutionary, but not free from criminals. Just because you think your getting the latest movie, doesn’t mean its not packed with other nasties as well.

Which brings me to my next question.


Why don’t antivirus programs protect us from everything?

…and the simple answer is they can’t, it’s impossible. Firstly, antivirus programs are great and protect you a lot of the times. But they are not 100% proof and nor do they claim to be.

I think they are more like a helmet on a motorbike. It doesn’t mean its going to save your life in the event of an accident, but there is a chance it will, and you’d have to be crazy to not wear one.

Second, when a new virus removal Townsville is needed and identified the antivirus programs just can’t magically stop them. They first need to be identified by the antivirus company, and then analysed and then a remedy needs to be produced and sent out to you in the form of an update. Allowing time for infection to take place in the in-between.


How do you know if you have a Virus?

Most of the time people do not know until it is too late and they need to call me.

A computer is a complex thinking machine, which is always doing a lot of things. Sometimes these things (programs and processes) don’t always work as they should and make the computer behave strange.

A lot of times people confuse this with having a virus and vice versa, further complicating the diagnosis.

The majority of customers who call me for virus removal Townsville usually do so because they notice something just doesn’t seem right. They are having too many pop ads, can’t log into somewhere or when surfing the net taking them to places they didn’t type in.

There are many different Anti-virus programs out there, most are pretty good. Paid or non-paid I advise you have something on your system so you don’t need virus removal Townsville.  I recommend AVG.


The Good news is we can help you quickly

The good news is, if you think you might have a computer virus you can give me a call on 0402 807 890 and I will come out and tell you for free.

No gimmicks, no obligation. I can also quote you on to remove the virus or you can simply say, “I don’t want to fix it” and I will simply leave and it wont cost you a cent. For virus removal Townsville think Townsville Nerds.

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