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BSOD Blue Screen Of Death

The BSOD of Blue Screen of Death is an error screen which display in Microsoft Operating Systems whenever a fatal error occurs in which the computer can not recover from.

The blue screen of death was first implemented in Windows operating systems in 1993 with the release of Microsoft Windows NT and has been a very good indicator to end users of serious problems within the computer.


Blue Screen of Death Townsville

What causes Blue Screens of Death

The official name for the B.S.O.D is a stop error and can be caused for a number of reasons.

Hardware Errors

Hardware errors of the physical components malfunctioning such as the power supply, motherboard or memory is a common error causing the Blue Screen of Death.

Many of these malfunctions can also be attributed to the extreme heat in Townsville and the toll it takes on electronic equipment.Software ErrorsIncompatibilities in different software and application can cause a Blue Screen of Death. Also when the Operating system such as Windows has become corrupt, device drivers aren’t working correct and threats like viruses are running on your computer can call cause a Blue Screen of Death.How to fix a Blue Screen of Death

Most times you will not even know you have a Blue Screen of Death. Your computer is set to restart when this happens and unless you are specifically told your computer to show the results of a system crash in the form of a Blue Screen of Death you probably didn’t even know it happened.

System Restore

System restore is an excellent way to fix a Blue Screen of Death if it is a software or driver/operating system problem in your computer causing the BSOD.

This way if you can remember a time the computer was working without restarting and you have restore points on your computer, you can simply revert back to that system state where it is working.

Virus Scanning

If you can get your computer up running long enough or take your hard drive out and mount it in another computer, you will be able to scan the drive for malware, viruses or spyware that might be hurting your computer.

Replacing Hardware Components

Replacing key components such as your memory or motherboard is a good start to try and work out if there are any hardware faults within your system causing the Blue Screen of Death.

You don’t want to replace too many parts because then you might be better of buying a new computer. But if you know Townsville computers repairs man like me who is willing to put in some extra parts to see what is going on please call 0402 807 890.

Reinstalling your Operating System

Before you decide to reinstall your Operating System please make sure you back up all your data first. Depending if you format your hard drive or not you could and most likely will loose all your valuable data such as work information, family photos, word documents etc.

Reinstalling your operating system will fix any Operating system errors and viruses infections, effectively restoring your computer top the day you got it. If it is not a hardware error this should fix the Blue Screen of Death.


Townsville Nerds advice

The Blue Screen of Death is a catastrophic event on your computer. It is very hard to work out what is going on if you don’t know what you are doing and very risky in you can loose all your data.

If you have any questions regarding a restarting computer or thinking you are getting a Blue Screen of Death please call Ross Rudall on 0402 807 890 and I can come out and look for free and give you a 100% free no obligation quote to fix it.


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