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Which is best for me, an Apple Mac or PC?

Mac vs PC Townsville Computer Repairs

This is a debate and a question regarding computers going all the way back to when it all began.

Although I am only one man with my own opinion and personal preference I can tell you some basics and what you need to know when deciding, do I buy a Mac or a PC?

What is a Apple Mac

An Apple Mac computer is one made by Apple.

Apple make their own hardware and software/operating system called OS X. The beauty of OS X is that it is specifically made for Apple Mac computers and therefor works fantastic, in that it performs beautifully and is extremely reliable.

As well as running very smoothly the Apple computers are designed elegantly and usually have a lovely ascetic look.

The OS X operating system is designed on Unix which is extremely reliable and secure.

A lot of people think that Apple computers don’t get viruses but that is not true. It is true they get a lot less viruses than Windows computers (PC’s), due to the smaller market share and more secure operating system.

What is a PC

Generally a PC is a Windows Operating system computer such as the ones on the computers you buy from IBM, Dell and HP etc in the store.

These are the most popular computers in the world and most of the software out there is now written for Windows.

Historically Windows has been criticised for being insecure but that is a thing of the past now. Windows computers are definitely more susceptible to virus but that is also due to its vast market share.

The Windows Operating System is made to run on as many computers as possible which is a pretty big task, to be all things to all computers sometimes results in a unreliable experience.

The current version of Windows is 8.1 but we are starting to see beta versions of Windows 10. It seems like the epic failure of Windows 8 has quickly resulted in the development of Windows 10 to the point they are not even making a 9, distancing itself from 8.

Personal preference

I personally love my Apple MacBook Pro, but its not for everyone.

I stopped a long time ago recommending Apple computers to people who are not whole heartedly into computers. The learning curve form their Windows computers was to vast.

If you are using a Windows computer and are not interested in learning a whole new system I recommend you stay with your PC.

If you like playing computer games, Microsoft Windows and a PC is the way to go for you.

Particular and mainstream software such as Adobe Photoshop, Microsoft Office and Itunes runs on both types of computers so it isn’t really a big deal which one you get anymore.

Apple always seem to have a lot of new and innovative features which are nice if you spend a lot of time on your computer.

Townsville computer repairs Nerds can help you with whatever type of computer you have. Please call 0402 807 890.


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