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Best Enterprise Antivirus – July 2015

I added the date to this post title because how good an antivirus program performs seems to fluctuate every month or two.

Customers ask me which is the best antivirus program, and although this is very subjective and everyone has their own opinion, all I can really do is tell them what is rated through testing the best at this moment.


Who came first in the results?

Right now in the ratings Avast seems to be killing everyone and most of the viruses.

Stringent testing during July 2015 has shown Avast is currently the most effective antivirus on the market right now.




The antivirus test site, AV-Comparatives recently released their results of 20 antivirus program comparison and Avast was at the top of the class.

The great thing about Avast is they have a free home version for anyone to use. A lot of the antivirus programs out there are not as old as the other well established one like Norton.

This doesn’t mean they are not as good, but in order for them to compete with the big boys they release their home versions which are awesome to get a foot in the door and send you updates with option to buy extra functionality.

This is what Avast does, and if you are looking for a no thrills, fantastic Antivirus program which wont cost you an arm and a leg, Avast is a great option and works very well.


AV tests


It can’t hurt to buy the upgrade versions with more features, many people do and it can only protect you better.

But a lot of people are always functioning just perfect with the standard free versions.

Nothing is 100% proof and none of the Antivirus programs claim to be. Some will get viruses which others will miss and vice versa, but having a good antivirus program like Avast will certainly increase your chances of remaining safe on the internet.


Who came last in the results?

Although Microsoft are the biggest operating system software company in the world and make numerous products such as Microsoft Windows and Office, they aren’t really doing to good in the Antivirus arena right now.

In fact their product System Centre Endpoint Protection came dead last in the enterprise antivirus and security test.


My Personal Opinion

Everyone has a personal opinion about which Antivirus in the best. In all honestly I have never found any to be 100% perfect and to keep me completely protected. I would definitely use them but am not completely satisfied.

Even with the best antivirus program a lot of the security responsibility is going to come down to you, where you go, what you accept and what you open.

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