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Web Browsers

Most people when they tell me they cannot connect to the Internet are usually referring to their web browser. That is, they can still get their emails but cant surf the web.

The fact they can still get their emails means they are still connecting to the internet, they just can see any web pages in their web browser.

What is a web browser?

A web browser is a program (software) you use to bring up web pages.

When you look at a web page, what is really happening is you are sending a request out over the Internet for a particular site, which is stored on a web server somewhere. The web server answers your request and in turn sends a punch of computer code back over your line to your web browser, which translates that code into pictures, images and audio etc. for you to view.

What are the most common web browsers?

The three most common web browsers in computers are:

Internet Explorer which comes and is built into all Microsoft Windows operating systems such as Windows XP, Vista 7, and 8. The current version of Internet Explorer is version 11 but there are talks on the Internet right now about the IE soon become obsolete.

Firefox is another great and popular option. Mozilla who also makes the free emails client, Thunderbird, makes Firefox. The success of Firefox can greatly be attributed to its wide and vast amount of Plugins in its repository.

Google Chrome is probably the most popular web browser I see in Townsville as of the start of 2015. Not only is Google Chrome small, fast and easy to install, it too has a large repository of plugins for the user to add. And best of all Google Chrome works seamlessly with the Google web site search engine, a place most of us start or end up when surfing the net anyway.


What are Plugins?

Plugins are small computer programs, which add extra functions to your existing software. They are sometimes also called extensions as they extend the functionality and use of what you are already doing.

In the case of Google Chrome you can very easily download and add a plugin called Adblock Plus which stops annoying adds being displayed in your Google Chrome Web Browser.

Most plugins are free, but there are some paid options which usually do much more complex things relating to other existing software on your computer or server related tasks.

What else can Web Browsers do?

Initially all web browsers did was display text. Then as the Internet developed, they were much more focused on delivering content in the form of media such as audio and music. People where suddenly using the computer and the Internet for entertainment purposes rather than just for information.

With the advent of web 2.0 and the success of social networking and sites like Facebook, demand has never been greater on the old Web Browser. We now reply on them to help us share information, talk to other programs on our computer and protect our privacy.

Security and Web Browsers

When we gets calls out to peoples homes or businesses because they think they have a virus it is usually because they have picked something up over the internet.

Although it pays to have a good Antivirus program like AVG or Avast, they are not 100% proof; viruses and spyware sometimes still get in.

Most of the time it is Spyware hindering their web browsers. Spyware are like viruses but with the intention of spying on your web browsing habits and recording valuable information like bank account usernames and passwords for financial gang. Spyware is very popular now and although web browsers are conscious and try to protect you from viruses, again they still have a habit of getting in.

Free Analysis

If you think your web browser is behaving strange, running slow or taking you to web sites you haven’t requested please call Ross Rudall on 0402 807 890 and I will come out and tell you for sure.

It wont cost you anything for me to come out and give you a 100% no obligation free quote.

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