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VPN Virtual Private Network Services

VPN Services TownsvilleIf you think you might need a VPN in Townsville but are not sure what type to get, please give us a call.

There are many different types of VPN’s that accomplish different goals. Whether your after more privacy, security or to make your connection over the internet work as if it was a private Local Area Network, Townsville


Virtual Private Network Basics

A Virtual Private Network or VPN is network feature used to add privacy to your computers internet or network connection.

Although the inner workings of VPN can be quite technical an easy way to understand it is if two people are holding either end of a hose that is running through a swimming pool and talking to each other through it. They can hear each other but all the people in the pool (the internet) can not hear what they are saying.


Why do people use VPN’s

The main two reasons people use VPN’s is for security and privacy.

1) Protection from hackers

Computers are no longer something just used for fun. The rise in popularity of computers during the 90’s drew down the prices and now there is one in everybody’s home.

People use computers to store all sorts of information from business to private and bank details to baby photographs.

Bad people know this information is valuable and seek to gain it for financial gain.

Using a VPN can help protect you from a lot of these people using the internet to gain access to your sensitive information.

2) Privacy on shared Wifi Hotspots

If you use public internet sharing wifi hotspots like in a cafe or restaurant you are sharing the same internet connection with other people.

Joining this network can make you vulnerable to other uses on the wireless hostspot but can be avoided with the use of a VPN.

Using a VPN in this circumstance can protect and hide your traffic over the WLAN so no other users can see what you are doing.

3) Browsing Privacy

Everything you look at on the internet can be monitored.

Not only can bad people monitor what you do, but depending on where you live governments, agencies and corporations can also.

Using a VPN can eliminate a 3rd party from seeing what you do and download on the internet by encrypting your connection and website traffic.

4) Bypass interent censorship

A lot of governments and countries around the world use firewalls and internet technology to restrict the information their citizens have access to.

This is obviously highly controversial and upsets a lot of people.

The use of a VPN can help bypass these restrictions to give the user unlimited, unfiltered access to the internet, news and information.

5) Hiding your online identity

When you use the internet you are accessing it using an IP address which can be used to identify you are your network.

A lot of information can be derived about you from your IP address/

Using a VPN can keep your IP address private and if done right can make it nearly impossible for people to identify you or where you are over the internet.


VPN’s in Townsville

There are many different ways to set up a VPN.

Some VPN’s can be administered in house using specific types of hardware and software and other types involving using a paid service which usually costs less than $10/month.

Depending on your requirements we can certainly setup a VPN solution for your home, office or business.


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