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Call a Townsville Computer Man

Looking for a reliable Townsville computer man to come out to your business or home for a free quote?

Your probably thinking, “I’d love to have my computer fixed, but it will probably cost too much.”

The Deal Breaker

Well I have a deal for you.  If you call me today I will come out to see you 100% totally for free, work out exactly what is going on with your system, and I will give you a free quote on how much to fix your computer problem.

To keep myself competitive my quote will be very reasonable and in the event you can’t afford it, just let me know and I will happily leave knowing at least I’ve probably made a new friend!

Professionalism and Experience

When you call a Townsville computer man you need someone who has been in the business for a long time, some who knows how fix your problems quickly and someone who is going to get it done the right the first time.

I am very professional but at the same time I don’t talk like a computer man.  I talk like a human being and I say things which you will understand, like I am talking to a human and not a computer.


About Me

I was raised in Townsville and have lived here my whole life.  Everything I know is here and I care about my business and name.

I wouldn’t want to go out in Townsville and have to hide my head, so doing a good job and making my customers happy is the only thing that matters to me.

I went to James Cook University and studied computer science and was even a founding member of The Townsville Computer Group where I met another Townsville computer man named Mark.  We started Townsville nerds together as a hobby more than anything but it quickly turned into a very good business.

Call Us Today

I am dedicated to my job and business and i have 1000’s of clients here in Townsville all all over the world.

There are now a lot of computer companies in Townsville but we are still a round and have no intentions of stopping.  But if you call this Townsville computer man you are sure to get the very best service at the very best price.

Call Ross today on 0402 807 790.

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