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Geeks Townsville

Where did the word Computer Geek come from?

Lets start with the work geek first.  Back towards the start of the 20th century travelling carnivals were all the rage and people use to look forward to them coming to town to entertain.

One for the performers who would do horrible things like biting the heads off live animals and disgusting things with their bodies was called a “Geek”.


Over the years the word and changed meaning and has morphed into a whole different bunch of meanings.

At the present time the word geek is used to describe what someone does.  Geek is not reserved for the use of just people who use computers, computer geeks.  But also people who do a wide range of things such as programming geek, fashion geek, food geek etc.

Computer Geeks

I am not only a computer geek or someone who does Townsville computer repairs, but Im a tech geek also.  When you think about it now, everyone has a smart phone and I guess anyone who likes playing with them, changing them or just finding new things to do with them could be classified a phone geek.  Are you a phone geek?

Different Computer Geeks

People always ask me if I am a Geek to you.  Although that is not my company I am a geek who comes to you.  I will come to you business and home and fix any technical problems and do any repairs you may need or have.

Although I am a computer geek, I wont weird you out.  Geeks traditionally mean fool and although thats what I might be at home, in your house I am just a normal guy.  I don’t speak like a geek, act like a geek or behave like a geek.  I simply work like one.

Geek to you and your business

If you are looking for a Geek to come to you or your business, I am the man for you.  I do on call computer repairs in Townsville.  I don’t charge to come out to your house or business and give you a quote.  If you don’t accept my quote, its no problem.  It still costs you nothing!

Don’t think your job is too small or too big for this geek. Townsville geeks love a challenge!  I also like the simple jobs as well.  If in doubt if I can handle the job, just give me a call and I will tell you over the phone.  No mess no fuss.

Call Ross Today

Call me today and I will give you a quote for free in person or over the phone for all your townsville computer repairs needs.  Call 0402 807 890 today!

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