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Windows 8 – Refresh or Reset

For anyone who has a Windows computer you will know how troublesome it can be when you get a virus or corruption through out your system and you can’t get it all back up and running.

Not only (sometimes) do you have to back up all your data, hoping you didn’t loose or forget anything, you also have to format your hard drive, reinstall your Operating System, reload your drivers, put your software back on and restore all your data.


Refresh or reset your computer


A lot of computers these days come with a secret partition on their computer hard drive which helps facilitate the process of reinstalling Windows back to its original out of the box state or factory default settings.

Microsoft Windows users regularly have to factory restore their computers because of the nature of Windows, but resetting your computer back to original state is not always a good option.

With Windows 8 we have given more choices. Now you have the choice to either refresh or reset.


The difference between refreshing and resetting

The big difference between refreshing or resetting your Windows computer or laptop focuses on what you want to do with your existing data.

If you want to retain as many programs on your computer and keep all your data, refreshing will just reinstall your operating system files and leave all your data alone, hopefully!

Whereas, if you reset your computer, not only will it wipe all your operating system files it will also wipe away all your personal files and programs. You will have to put them all back on again after you finish.


How to refresh or reset your computer

  1. Move your mouse from the right hand side of the screen to until you see the settings button.
  2. In settings choose “Change PC Settings”.
  3. Click Update and Recovery.
  4. Click “Recovery”.
  5. Here you will be resented with your choice to either refresh or reset.



No matter whether you refresh or reset your computer I highly recommend you backup all your data first.

A lot of things can go wrong even if you know what you are doing and I do not recommend refreshing or resetting your computer if you DO NOT have a lot of computer experience.

Always back up your data before you do any major computer work.

You can always get a new computer or new operating system, but once your data is gone not a lot can be done to get it all back.

You can never go back in time and retake those photographs.

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