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What is a Wireless LAN

Wireless LAN means Wireless Local Area Network which for the majority of people is your computer network in your immediate area, whether it be at work, home or at school.

When you signed up for the interent your ISP (Interenet Service Provider) such as Bigpond or Optus most likely sent you are Router which connects you to the internet.

Just about all these routers come with Wireless now. They never use to and you would have to buy an addon to begin with, but now pretty much all come with wilress as the standard.


Does my network support WIFI, Wireless?

If you look at the back of your modem/router and can see some antennas sticking out, your network will support wireless.

Your computer needs to have a wireless adaptor as well in order for it to be on the network wirelessly, but if none of these components exist they can easily be added.


Pros and Cons of Wireless

The benefits of using wireless on your computer is the fact that you are no longer bound to a certain position in the house to use your computer and you have no network cables getting in the way.

For most people you will not be able to see the difference in speed between a wireless network and wireed network, but wilress is in fact slower.

You are also bound to an area of aprroximaely 40 metres away from your wireless network accepss point before you loose signal.


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