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Website Design Development Townsville

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Townsville Nerds have been building websites for people all around the world for 20 years!

Before most people were even using the internet and before anyone I knew had a email, I was building websites.

I have always loved designing and building things. When I started using the internet back in 1996 one of the first things I wanted to do was make my very own website. I had just finished playing college basketball in the USA and a lot of my friends over there were already using the internet.

There was no Facebook or social media around then so I basically had to make my own site to let them all know what I was up to.

It all grew from there.  Soon a few local company’s wanted their own websites to such as builders and trades people, and then I went international, designing websites for customers all over the world.


Why you need your own website

Control. Its all about control. Control of your design, control of your message and control of your business.

I have a Facebook page for my business as well and it’s great. But the truth is I am very limited by what it looks like and what message I am trying to get across in my advertising to all my customers.

To have total control of my site, specially when it comes to design, you really need your very own website.

What do you think looks better on my business card? or


If a tree falls in the forest and nobody hears it

You might have the greatest looking website in the world, with all the best graphics and animation and music but if nobody sees it, what is the point? Your just wasting money!

In fact, if you had a website which was all images and no text, nobody would see it at all.

When people are looking for you they go straight to search engines like Google, Yahoo or Bing to try and find your website.

The way these search engines work is they sift through the text on your site and determine what your site is about to display it to the people searching for you.

If your website is all animation and images and little searchable text, your website wont and cant show up because the search engines can’t determine what you’re all about.


A balance of design and usability

It is a delicate balance between design and search ability.

You shouldn’t have to sacrifice design with functionality but it is a delicate balance of both working together that will determine the success of your website from a design perspective to a functional site which will show up in the search engines.

There are also a bunch of other tricks a lot of people don’t know about when building websites which make all the difference.


Tricks of the trade

Twenty years of being in business has taught me one thing. Without customer there is no business.

I build my websites with the purpose of connecting customers with you.

Did you know you only have 4 seconds to get your web site viewers attention?

And what is the point of having a website if no one picks up the phone to call you?

I don’t want to give all my secrets away but here is an interesting one. When you read a book you read from left to right. Thats what you have been taught since you were a kid in school.

But for some reason on the internet we always look to the top right hand corner first.  Any good web developer should know thats why you put your customers phone number (call to action like Call Now) in the very right top corner. But you would be surprised how many web site designers don’t know this!


Free Quotes

If you have any questions regarding building a personal website, a Facebook page or a site for your business please give Ross a call on 0402 807 890.

I would be very happy to discuss any of your concerns and show you what I think would be best for your business and give you a no obligation free quote.


Examples of my work

Every website is different and requires a different type of style. But for most websites it is clear. Connecting to customers.

Here are two websites I am working on right now.

All my websites are responsive. That means they change there look and design when you try and view them on a phone or tablet, so they do not look distorted or weird.



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