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Web browser alternatives

If your computer is a PC and has a version of Microsoft Windows on it, it most certainly comes with its very own web browser called Microsoft Internet Explorer.

There is always a lot of debate about if Internet Explorer is good or not, what people like about it and what people do not.

The fact of the matter is it has been around from day one and whether you like it or not it has revolutionised the way we use the internet and how we view web pages.

But being first does not always mean being the best. I am not going to tell you what the best web browser is, but I would like to give you some alternatives. It is a personal preference and everyone is different. But I can assure you there is something for everyone!

Web browsers alternative townsville

Google Chrome

Google Chrome seems to be the fastest of web browsers currently out there. It is built with a minimalist design in mind and you can see that with its size and speed.

Google Chrome developed by yes, Google; leads the web browser design categories with HTML5 integration which means it is on the forefront for future application development.


Mozilla Firefox

Maybe not quite as light and fast as Google Chrome, but packed with features.

Mozilla Firefox like Google Chrome runs both on PC and Mac and has an extensive repository of add-on feature you can download and add to the Firefox browser to give it lots of extra functionality.

A personal favourite for developers and people who want to get things done quicker with lots of short cuts.

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