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Computer virus or bad add-on

Fake Windows Add-on Townsville Virus


Most times somethings goes wrong with our computer and it starts doing things it is not suppose to do we just assume it is a virus.

A lot of the times you are probably right. Todays technological climate make us perfect targets for people wish to take advantage of us in one way or another, whether they are looking to make money form us by getting our bank details, or just because they want to have a bit of fun.

But not all problems are viruses, even though they may behave like it. Sometimes bad software or plugins on our computer or laptop is just a nuisance!


What is a plugin or add-on?

Simply put a plugin or add-on is a little bit of extra software you can download and install into your existing software or setup.

Addons (extensions) are very useful as they give you extra functionality you might need such and the ability to do more things that what your original software provided.

You might be using an addon (extensions)  right now and not even know it.


Nuisance Addons

Sometimes addons are made to do more than just bug you. Its very hard to sell an Add-on to someone which advertising rubbish to them and annoys them.

So what a lot of developers will do is bundle their addons with other companies software to install automatically when you are installing the software you wanted to that you downloaded from he internet.


A lot of these add-ons will install themselves into your web browser like Internet Explorer and advertise rubbish to you, hoping you will buy their products.

This gives the appearance that you have got a virus on your computer because you are being taken to all these difference webpages you didn’t want to. When in fact all you really have on your computer is an annoying plugin/addon redirecting you.


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