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Use dropbox to share files between computers

What is Dropbox

Have you ever wanted to share the same files between your computers but didn’t know how? Having the ability to have the same files on all of your devices is indispensable and can save you massive amounts of time.

Whether it’s because you want the same music on all devices, work files of files on collaborative projects or the ability to access work files or school files on the go, having the same files on all devices is just awesome.

The best way to keep all files the same between your computers is by using Dropbox. There are many different options out there to suit different peoples needs, but for the most part drop box does most things for most people. And best of all it’s 100% free!

What I use if for

I travel a lot for work and for pleasure. On my computer I put all my travel files such as credit cards, insurance details, identification and travel itineraries in my Dropbox file.

If for any reason I need any of these files at the drop of a hat, whether it be at the airport or at the hotel, I don’t need to find a computer and print them out. I simply go to my drop box file on my phone and there they are. Simple and easy.

I also use Dropbox to put my most important files. That way if something happens to my computer such as the hard drives dies or it gets stolen, I can go to another computer or internet cafe and access my files for whatever I need them for.

Download Dropbox

How to set Dropbox up

The ability to have all your files you need on all devices sounds complicated in theory. But nothing could be more simpler.

First you need to go over to Dropbox and sign up for a free account. There are different options for business and personal etc. which limited the size and amount of files you can put in Dropbox, but just sign up for a free account for now which will probably do and if you need more you can always look into upgrading if need be.

Once you have signed up you will be given an option to down the install file. Download this file and save it somewhere on your computer like your desktop. Once it has finished downloading, navigate to your desktop or wherever you saved the install file and double click on it to install it and follow the setup options.

Once the file has finished installing it will ask you for your username and password you have just finished creating. Put them in and you have finished setting up Dropbox.

How to use Dropbox

Now that you have finished installing Dropbox on your computer you should see a desktop icon with the word Dropbox underneath it if you are using a PC, or if you are using a Mac you will see a Dropbox icon in your menu bar at the top right of your screen.

Any files you wish to sync or share between multiple devices or simply to backup incase your computer fails or your hard drive dies, needs to go into the new file.

Once you have put your files into Dropbox you are done.

If you have more than once computer follow the same setup process on the other computers using the same username and password you have created and when you look into your dropbox file you will see your files you put in their from the first computer.

Dropbox on Mobile Devices

If you have a tablet, iphone or smart device you can easily install Dropbox as well.

Simply go to your app store on your device, download and install Dropbox and enter your existing username and password and you will have a mobile repository of all your important files to take with you no matter where you go.

Just make sure to put a password on your phone incase you loose it or incase someone is playing with your phone and accidentally deletes your files

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