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Use AdBlock to hide Ads



The internet is built on the back of advertising. Although most websites seem on the surface to appear on your screen free of charge, most are actually funded by different types of advertising streams.

Successful websites aren’t cheap to run. As well as authors putting in large amounts of time to bring you useful and relevant information, there are also associated server costs, computer usage and educational research that goes into most useful posts on a web page – these all cost money.

So in a nutshell advertising is necessary to make the internet go round and maybe even what bought you to this web site.


Advertising can be annoying

If advertising is done right and subtle, relevant to the content you are reading on the page it can be quite useful. Useful for the person reading the page and useful in the way the advertiser might male a sale or some money. Its a win win situation for everyone and no one is offended.

Where advertising becomes offensive is when it gets int eh way of what you are trying to do.

No one wants to be annoyed. And there is nothing more annoying than trying to read the news on a website and every 5 minutes being interrupted by an advertisement the size of the screen for a car or something not relevant and nothing to do with what you are reading.

Then you spend the next two minutes trying to find how to hide it, only to get interrupted 5 minutes again on the same site!


Adblock is a great solution

Adblock is a great little, easy to use and free solution to stop most ads appearing in your web browser.

The Adblock plugin is a a little bit of add-on software to your web browser like, Google Chromes or Mozilla Firefox which automatically blocks ads appearing within your web browser experience.

Over 200 million people are already using the Adblock and some people are experiencing their web surfing speed up by 4 times the speed without Adblock.

Adblock will not and can not advertisements and popups appearing outside of the web browser. That is other software with ads built into it like Spyware, viruses and other software installed on your computer.


Adblock will not stop virus generated ads

Adblock works within your web broswer. Which is great for blocking ads when your surfing the net or a  webpage.

But if you have something else on your system like a virus or adware which producers popups and ads outside of you using your web browser, Adblock will not work.

If your Adblock is not working for you it might be because there is something more sinister at play on your computer, laptop or notebook.

You might actually have malware, spyware, adware or a virus. Please call Ross Rudall on 0402 807 890.

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