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Turn your $100 router into a $1000 router with DD-WRT

DD-WRT is a 3rd party modification which you can add to your existing stock standard modem and router to give it that power and functionality of the expensive routers costing upward of more than $1000.

The history of DD-WRT

The DD-WRT project started sometime around 2002 in Dresden, Germany. The DD in DD-WRT is the in fact part of the German license plate letters from cars coming from Dresden and the WRT was taken from a Linksys model router they first worked on when releasing the firmware over ten years ago.

The group that maintains DD-WRT are called BrainSlayer, headed by Sebastian Gottschall.

The open source software is installed and run on more than 1 million routers around the world. Its popularity is growing rapidly due to its reliability and growing options to fit just about every one.


Benefits of using DD-WRT

The router you have bough from the shop is really a power and sophisticated piece of machinery. It connects you to people all over the work instantly and handles all your internet and network traffic in the blink of an eye.

However, due to whatever reason or business decisions made before you ever bought your router it was locked up and powered down to make it look like a dumb little machine. DD-WRT is a way of supercharging your ordinary every day modem and router to function the same way the big expensive ones do.

Things you can do with your DD-WRT firmware upgrade:

  • Improve wireless signal strength
  • Run cron jobs
  • Bandwidth throttling
  • Extra network security
  • Run a VPN or make your network a VPN client
  • Setup a VLAN
  • Run it on the edge or behind your existing modem/router

A very useful feature when using DD-WRT is the ability to control who access your network and how fast you wish their connection to be.

An example is in a cafe of wifi hotspot. It wouldn’t be fair if one person jumped on and started downloading their movies and music and no one else could use the connection before the internet was too slow due to one person using all the bandwidth.

With DD-WRT you can choose who can access your wireless network and set different rules for different people, as in what they can access, when they can access it and how fast the connection is.

Here are some more feature you can add to your router by flashing your existing hardware. Click Here.


Drawbacks of using DD-WRT

The biggest complain we here when people want to use DD-WRT is it doesn’t work on all routers. It is designed to work on a lot of Broadcom or Atheros chip sets but not all.

Other drawbacks are:

  • No one to call at DD-WRT (however there are a lot of support documents online)
  • The more you are going to want to do the better hardware you need

An example is, Just say you want to make your whole network VPN protected. DD-WRT does a fine job of doing it, but if you have a very fast connection and your routers processor is not very powerful you will see a decline in speed, as you would with any router.

Click here to see if a router database of support DD-WRT routers to see if your router is supported.


How can I install DD-WRT on my router

Disclaimer: I am not affilated with DD-WRT in anyway nor will I take any responsibility for what happens if you try and faslh your router. In fact I do not recommend it. If you don’t know what you are doing or make a mistake you could easily break your modem/router.

Click here for more information on how to install DD-WRT on your router.


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