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Townsville Laptop Repairs

If you are looking for laptop repairs in Townsville, you have come to the right place.

With over 20 years experience in the Townsville laptop repairs field and a passion for repairing laptops, Townsville Laptop Repairs are here for you.


Difference between a desktop computer and a laptop

The difference between a laptop computer and a desktop is quite notable.

A laptop or notebook computer is all integrated into the one single device, where as a desktop computer or PC usually separate parts such as the main tower, monitor, keyboard, mouse and speakers.

A laptop is also more portable. You can pick it up, put it in your bag and take it with you.


Difference between a laptop and notebook

There isn’t as much difference between a laptop and a notebook as there is with a desktop computer.

It would be very difficult to purposely find any difference in the stores between the laptop and notebook. Traditionally and technologically laptops are bigger, thicker, more powerful and usually have superior components.


Difference between a laptop and netbook

Netbooks haven’t been around as long as traditional laptops, desktops, PC’s and notebooks.

The most notable difference is the size. Netbooks are much smaller than laptops and notebooks. They are specifically designed for portability and usually have significantly less power. They don’t even usually have cd-rom or dvd drives

Netbooks are usually just designed to surf the net on the run and are perfect for when you travel.



Common laptop problems

Thee are the 6 most common problems we see with laptop repairs Townsville.

Noisy Fans

Because laptops are made to be picked up and carried with you, fans seems to get damaged or off center quite often and make a lot of noise.

Just like the fan on your ceiling and if you were to suddenly tap it as it as moving, it would come off center and start making a noise until it found its normal rotation.

Sticky or Broken Keys

One of the most annoying problems with laptops is sticky or broken keys.

Unlike a regular desktop or PC computer you can’t just quick and easily replace the keyboard. You can in the meantime plug an external USB keyboard into, but if you would like to get the most out of your laptop you would need to replace the built in keyboard so you don’t have to cart the external everywhere with you.

Cracked Exterior

Due to the nature of laptop in which people carry them around, cracked cases is always an issue.

Because laptops are stored in laptop bags it is easy to sometimes forget they are in there when you carry them around and put them down.

More laptops cases get broken or cracked inside their laptop bags than out. Throwing your bag down on the ground when you walk in the door is all it can take to crack your laptop outer shell.


A very common problem with laptops is someone spilling a drink or other liquid onto it.

It’s quite easy to sit and have a drink while you are casually using your laptop. Most people think it could never happen to me, and they are right, yet it still happens.

Spillage onto your computer usually results in the liquid soaking in under the keys and frying major internal components like the mother board or hard drive.

Scratched or Cracked Screen

A lot of laptop screens get cracked due to blunt force, a punch or someone being heavy handed, but more screens get damaged by scratches.

Closing your screen with something inside of it still, or your laptop accidentally falling from a table onto the floor usually results in more screen scratches than broken screens.

Power or Charger Cords

The number one laptop problem we see in Townsville is the laptop charger cable being bent and frayed resulting in no power to the laptop or notebook.

It isn’t hard to do and it happens more than any other laptop problem. It’s easy to do, quickly throwing your laptop cable into your bag and not rolling it up properly and securely.

Storing your laptop charger cable safely in a separate compartment in your laptop bag can be all the difference between your laptop having power or not when you really need it.


Townsville Laptop Repairs

If your looking for the best Townsville Laptop Repairs specialist you are in luck, you’ve found me. I was using a laptop 20 years ago when nobody else even had one!

Back then people use to look at me like I was a weirdo carrying my laptop around, sitting in public tapping away and using it in lectures at James Cook University.

Now it is common place to have a laptop and knowing you have good Townsville laptop repairs and support at hand is not as rare as it use to be.


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