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Townsville Computer Repairs

Looking for great Townsville computer repairs services for your home or work? Is your desktop, pc or laptop not behaving the way is it suppose to? Then you have landed in the right place.

Townsville Nerds and Townsville computer repairs is one of Townsville oldest and longest serving on-site, on call computer repair businesses.

Choosing the right Townsville computer repairs.

Looking for right Townsville computer repairs can be overwhelming.  With so many customers offering their services, it can be very hard to choose who are going to do your repairs.

With so many computer repairs companies in Townsville coming and going all the time, how do you know who to go with?

Townsville Nerds and Townsville computer repairs are one of the oldest computer repairs businesses in Townsville. I have now served over 9000 customers, been in business for over 15 years before it was even popular to have a computer and I plan on being in business for another 50 years as well.

I am going nowhere!


Why choose this Townsville computer repairs man.

People always ask me, what separates me from my competition? And my answer is always the same.

Townsville computer repair businesses come and go every week.  But only a couple of us have been around since the internet begun in Townsville and we were there doing the repairs.

In a very competitive market, how have I survived and keep on going?

Simple, I try and keep my prices as low as possible. I don’t charge extravagant amounts of money and accompanied with good old great friendly service have been able to stay in business for the long haul and during the Global Financial Crisis.

Risk free Townsville computer repairs.

Over the years I have realised the biggest concerns for my customers are time and money. Most people are apprehensive about calling a Townsville computer repairs nerd because they think it might cost too much.

I have removed all doubt.

If you give me a call on 0402 807 890 I will come out 100% free and give you a quote.  If you don’t accept my quote, it is really no problem at all. I will just move on to my next job. I have even made many friends this way who then pass me on and recommend me to other people who would like a free quote.

What services does Townsville Nerds offer?

Although over the years I have been asked to repair everything from fridges to cars, Townsville computer repairs fix basically anything computer or internet related.

Most things can be repaired, however some things such as phone components need to be sent away, or bought from the wholesaler or manufacturer.

We can repair:

  • Software repairs
  • Web Site Development and site repairs
  • Hardware repairs
  • Network repairs
  • Internet problems and repairs
  • Virus related repairs
  • Server Repairs
  • Apple related
  • Mobile Phones
  • Laptop Repairs
  • PC Repairs
  • Desktop Repairs
  • Tablet Repairs
  • Windows repairs
  • OSX repairs
  • Linux repairs
  • Screen and Monitor repairs
  • Misbehaving Computers repairs

People coming into your house.

I can understand people are weirded out by other people they don’t know coming into their house. When calling someone to your house for Townsville computer repairs, it can be uncomfortable.

Also, your computer is a very private extension of yourself, with personal information, photos, bank, tax stuff etc. I can really understand why people wouldn’t want others using their computer.

To make things worse computer repair people don’t have the best reputation for good communication and making people feel good being around them.

I want to assure you I am a normal person. I don’t act like a computer repairs guy.  I realise I am there to serve and deal with my human customers as much, if not more, than with the actual computer itself.

I don’t use computer words and jargon you wont understand, I wont hide behind the computer and I invade your privacy on or off the computer!

Townsville computer repairs nerd

A little more about me.

I have been working or studying in the computer repair industry for a good part of 20 years now. But more importantly I have been working in customer service since I was about 10.

My father owned businesses (Alternative Tiles) and I have grown up understanding and respecting customers. You are my customer not your computer.

There are many computer repairs businesses in Townsville, but not many from Townsville.  I am actually from here, all my family and friends are here and I went to school and played sports here. I am not going anywhere, and I will be here doing computer repairs for years to come.

I love what I do andI have made many friends doing Townsville computers repairs, some of my customers even come on holiday with me and do things socially.

Please view our glowing Testimonials on Google Plus or Jasmin McIntyre.

If you want a Townsville computer repairs man who really cares and will not treat you just like a number, please call Ross Rudall on 0402 807 890 for a free no obligation quote.

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