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Townsville Computer Repairs Business Services

Townsville Nerds doesn’t just do home computer services in the Townsville area.

We are also the experts in local Townsville business computer, network and technology fields.

With over 20 years of experience, going out to peoples businesses all over the world, Townsville Nerds is one of the biggest computer repair services in Townsville businesses.

My name is Ross Rudall and I have been providing Townsville computer repair business services to people in before a lot of company’s even had computers.

I started my business when I was pretty young (18 years old) and my father already had a good foot hold in business in Townsville in the 90s.

He owned Alternative Tiles who were obviously my first customer and from there I grew.

Now I have over 9000 customers and a lot of them are business owners, from Governmental departments, homeless shelters, educational associations, private business to international clients.



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