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Townsville Computer Repair Man

When looking for a good Townsville computer repair man what traits do you expect? I have asked my customers, friends and family what they think are the most important attributes as a Townsville computer man coming into your house and I have listed them below.

These are all very important to me as for the 20 years I have strived to  provide the best possible Townsville computer repair man service in Townsville.


This is the number most important thing in any business. If your customers don’t trust you, you can forget their business. Fortunately by just being upfront and honest about everything I have been able to ensure my customers trust me.

I understand this is important because I am coming into peoples homes and business. If I don’t have your trust, I wont have your business.

University Educated

I attended James Cook University where I was educated in the fine art of Computer Science. I became a Townsville computers repair man naturally during this time in the 90’s, being part of the computer science club and starting my business on campus fixing computers for staff, students and the general public.

I learned just as much being part of the computer club at JCU as I did in the class and I have certainly learned a lot more since.

Every day I learn something new and with a good sound knowledge of Townsville computer repair man know how I am able apply it to any computer or network related problem.

Customer Service

You could be forgiven for thinking when you call this Townsville computer repair man that you are going to get someone who talks like a Nerd or a Geek. Some one who is going to use words and Townsville computer repair man terminology you will not understand, but thats not me.

You are my customer, not the computer. I will talk to you, I will use words you understand and I am more about the customer service for you, not the computer. I will leave you filling satisfied your computer is working and you understand what happened while this Townsville computers repairs man their sitting with you.


My father always owned business as I was growing up. As a kid I would watch my parents in their health food shop and at Alternative Tiles. I learned everything from my father, but most importantly I learned how to treat the customer right and with respect.

My father taught me all businesses are the same and only the product was really different. I understand you are my customer, not the computer. A Townsville computer repair man should believe you are more important than the computer and I promise to give you the very best Townsville computer repairs man service possible.

Displays Patience

Most of my customers are not only desperate to have their computers up and running, but they are also frustrated and sick of their computer not working properly. I understand (from all my Townsville computer repair man jobs over the years) your frustration!

I am never in a hurry to complete a job. Every customer is important to me, no matter the size of their job or business. You can expect the same level of support and patience from me know matter that the job.

Technically Minded

I have a naturally technically mind. I have always been interested in technical things ever since I was a little kid. As a chile my parents raced greyhound and I was more interested even at the age of 5 in how the track worked with the lure than I was the dogs running around it.

I am genuinely interested in all things technical, from mobile phones, to computer of course, to building websites and learning different computer languages.  I am up to date with it all and if I was not doing this for a job I would be doing this in my spare time anyway.

Community Oriented

I grew up in Townsville and I care what happens here. I went to school at Currajong Primary, Pimlico and Townsville State High School.

Most Townsville computer repair man are not even based in Townsville. You will call them on a number in Brisbane or Sydney and they will pass you along. But not me, I am from Townsville, love Townsville and all my family and friends are here.

I care about my community and my clients and with over 9000 happy customers I can go out in public and not have to worry about hiding from anyone. All my customers are my friends who I hang out with outside of work and some even come on holidays with me!


No one shoe fits all. In fact very few jobs are the same and constantly force me to learn and come up with new a creative ways to repair customers computers and fix their problems.

Living in Townsville brings its own set of problems, such as the heat, access to competitive prices and parts and of course time if they need to be ordered from down south.

Most Townsville computer repair men will happily place the burden of these problems on the customer, but not me. Getting creative is the best way to get my customers back up and running as soon as possible and thats the way this Townsville computer repair man is.

Dedicated to Job

I am dedicated to my job. This is not some fly by the seat of its pants business that is here today and gone tomorrow. This is my life and I have been doing it for about 20 years now.

I have been advertising in the newspaper for about 15 years now and I have seen them all come and go. But I am still here and I will still be here for the next 20 years also.

I am a Townsville computer repair man, this job is my life and I love it!



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