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Time Machine Back Up

Everyone who has anything important on their computer should backup.

We all now we should, most of us intend to, but few of us actually do! I am guilty of it too. Every few years something happens to one of my computers like a power surge, virus, or hardware, problem usually hard drive fail and I loose all the information on that particular device.

Coincidently when it happens it was always around the time I was thinking, “maybe I should back up”.

But with all these different types of computers and backup options it can make it quite hard and complicated to decide what is the best option for you to back up all your data on your laptop or computer.

Today I am going to discuss the easiest, simplest and most reliable way to back up on an Apple Mac computer.



Time Machine on Mac

If you own a Mac there is no better option to back up all your computers data than with Time Machine. Not only is Time Machine free, it also come built preinstalled on your mac and is incredibly easy to use.

A lot of back up programs out there do full backups and incremental backups, but few give you the visual display and the ability to see and choose what backup to use.

With Time Machine you can click on the TM icon and see the different states of your hard drive and backup easily giving you the option to recover lost data from a specific time, not just the latest backup.


How to use Time Machine

To use Time Machine you are first going to need a Back Up Device for your time machine to store your data. You don’t need any specialised Apple Hardware for this. Any external hard drive you buy from the store will do. Just make sure it is big enough.


1. Click on Time Machine in top right hand corner.

2. Select the option if you want to encrypt the disk back up or not for security.

3. Select Back Up.


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