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The quickest way to fix a laptop keyboard



Depending on what type of laptop you have, repairing your laptop or notebook keyboard can be a expensive exercise.

This is not really a big post and there is not a lot to talk about so I am not going to draw it out, it;s just a quick tip or a suggestion for anyone who wants to get their laptop back up and running in the meantime while waiting to replace their laptop keyboard.


Use a USB keyboard

So here it is…. Use a USB keyboard!

Of course if you use your laptop or notebook on the road or take it into work or school with you this wont work. But a lot of people don’t ever move their laptops, so this might be the perfect solution and will only cost you $9 from Kmart.

If you do work from home and work you could keep a keyboard at both locations and just plug them in when you get to either.

All laptops have USB ports these days so all you need to do is plug it in, a restart might be required and off you go. You probably wont even have to install any software.


Things to try to get your Laptop Keyboard working

Unlike a regular desktop or PC computer keyboard that just simply plugs into the exterior case of the computer, a laptop keyboard in much different.

You laptop keyboard is more integrated within your machine casing structure with cables that run into the logic board.

If your laptop keyboard is not working there are a couple of quick things you can try to make it work.

Reboot your PC.

I know its an oldy, but yes its a goody. You wouldn’t believe how many problems can be resolved by a simple reboot. Simply hold the power button down until your computer restarts and see if there is any difference.

Blow the crumbs out.

If you have a can of compressed air lying around you can try aiming it between the keys and see if it can blow out any pieces of small objects which may have slipped in and embedded themselves under the keyboard.

You can also try a vacuum cleaner, but be careful you always run the risk of it being too powerful and doing damage.

Check your drivers.

Your computer uses software which helps your hardware talk to the operating system called drivers. Sometimes bad updates or system conflicts can stop drivers working properly and they need to be reinstalled.

Right click on your computer icon on your desktop; select manage and go down to device manager on the left hand side. Once you select device manager a screen will appear on the right with a list of all the devices on your computer.

If you see any devices with a yellow question mark next to them there is something wrong. Specifically looking for something related to your keyboard with a yellow question mark you can right click on it and select update driver to hopefully resolve your laptop keyboard problem.


A video of how to replace your laptop keyboard

This is not my video but a very good instruction in how to replace your keyboard on a laptop or notebook computer.

Depending on what type of laptop you have it will always be different but at least this gives you an idea if you are thinking of trying it yourself.


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