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The death of Internet Explorer

What is Internet Explorer

If you don’t know what Internet Explorer is; it is what you might be using right now to view this website.

Microsoft Internet Explorer is in popular terms the worlds oldest web browser, the window to the internet and web pages. For the past 20 years Internet Explorer has pioneered and come bundled with the Windows Operating Systems to help us see the world wide web.

But Microsoft has shocked the online world by informing us they will soon stop supporting and making Internet Explorer. Instead they will be introducing and are creating a whole new browser built form the ground up named Spartan.

With the popularity and larger marketshare of new browsers such as Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft have decided they need to up their game and head into a totally new direction.

Introducing  Spartan

Project Spartan will be released as the native browser in the new and upcoming Microsoft Operating System, Windows 10.

Microsoft Spartan townsville computer repairs

Although it is still in development mode Microsoft have release a pre-release beta version for Windows Insiders to download and try.

Although no one know for sure what Spartan will offer, insiders have said it will:

  • provide integration with Cortana (Microsoft’s new digital agent software).
  • have distraction free reading mode.
  • a web note mode where you can add notes and allow your friends to see them.

Affecting the Future

Microsoft have also come out and said, “Spartan will not support older web sites’.  Therefore, web masters who run older sites will need to be updated or risk not being seen.

However for this reason Microsoft will still provide Internet Explorer 10 to support these older sites.


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