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The $9 computer – C.H.I.P.


What is C.H.I.P.

The C.H.I.P. computer is a very small computer that can run application and only costs $9 which can connect to the internet and wifi networks as well as do serious applications such as word and excel.

Right now C.H.I.P. is getting funding using the Kickstarter web site.

What is Kickstarter?

Kickstarter is a crowd funding website used by people from all over the worked to get private funding from individuals just like you and me.

As well as backing a project individually Kickstarter is a community which can talk to the inventors of projects, be involved on the ground floor and become friends of the project.

Kickstarter project owners retain 100% ownership.

So what does C.H.I.P. do?

For $9 you probably shouldn’t expect a lot. Your not going to be able to play you high definition 3D computer games on it. But surprisingly for $9 you get a lot more than expected including a computer with a 1GHz processor, 512MB RAM and 4GB or Memory.

Wifi and Bluetooth

C.H.I.P. comes with a wifi and bluetooth adaptor built into is so you can wirelessly connect to the a wireless LAN or internet as well as connect those wireless devices into your machine such as a keyboard or mouse.

Multiple display output

C.H.I.P. come with many options to use different kinds of displays and screens to see what you are doing such as VGA or HDMI.

What about programs or apps?

What good is a computer if there are no programs or apps to run on it.

Fortunately C.H.I.P. uses the open source community to run programs on it so you can do a wide range of things from work applications including word and excel to composing music, computer programming and surfing the internet to research using Google and talk to friends and family on Facebook.

Open Source software are programs made by the community, you and me and can be edited, created and sold in anyway you feel fit.

Most of the Open Source community is created by enthusiast rather than big companies and many people usually have the hand in creating and updating it ensuring it is bug free, virus free and runs great and multiple devices.

Open source is the new creative model born of the internet and responsive for programs like linux and open open office the free alternative to the pricey Microsoft Office.

Where does C.H.I.P. stand right now?

The C.H.I.P. inventors was looking for financing of around $50,000. Their campaign to raise this money still have three weeks to go and they have currently raised $1.1 million (20 times their goal).

Where C.H.I.P. goes after that and what they do with it is uncertain but for $9 the potential is limitless specially in 3rd world countries where they don’t have access to expensive computer equipment.


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