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Pop ups removal Townsville

Pop ups virus removal Townsville City

Annoying Pop ups can be one of the most debilitating things affecting your computer.

There is nothing worse than when you are trying to do something very basic like, email, Facebook or just surfing the net, when all of the sudden you are bombarded with advertising, sounds and pop ups demanding your attention.

What makes it worse is they are nearly impossible to get rid of, slow your computer down to a crawl and in most cases you have to restart your computer to get rid of them. Only to have it happen all over again.


So what are Pop ups

Although pop ups are not technically computer viruses and where originally intended for good, like notifications, people are using them for evil!

A pop up was originally designed to get your attention. But over the year Blackhat marketers and people wanting to infect your computer have started using them to advertise to you, or to get control of your computer to spy on you.

Pop ups are not viruses, but they do the same thing, if not worse. And even though Pop ups aren’t viruses, a lot of the time, if not all the time they are on your computer because you have viruses on their already, serving you pop ups and you are seeing the end result.


Stopping Legitimate Pop ups

It is not too hard to stop legitimate pop ups. That is Pop ups, which are not used as part of a malicious suite.

Pop ups have been given a bad wrap over the years because virus makers have incorporated them into their arsenal and everyone who sees a pop up automatically thinks it is a virus. Unfortunately because of how often they are used in conjunction with malicious software, most people are right.

To stop legitimate pop ups, ones people use within their own websites to serve you notifications or advertising please read this article here, because it will really depend on what type of browser you are using such as, Internet Explorer, Firefox or Chrome.

Unfortunately this will most likely not work if your pop ups are virus based and you have something else on your system pushing pop ups onto you under the guise of something else, when it really is a virus.


Why have I got Pop ups on my computer

A lot of people don’t like hearing this, but I am going to say it anyway. You are probably responsible for your computer having pop ups.

In most cases pop ups are something you have accidentally installed on your computer.

Unintentionally you have probably installed a piece of software onto your computer, which has been prepackaged intentionally by some unsavoury character, in order to trick you. Its not your fault, but thats how it usually happens.

Every computer I go to which has a virus on it, also has some soft of Antivirus protection, but people still keep getting them.

Antivirus’s get a lot of computer viruses and stop a lot of pop up action right in its tracks, but they don’t get everything.

A lot of these viruses causing pop ups are installed when people try and download or watch some sort of media, like movies, pictures and music. Not always, but in a lot of cases.



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