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Pop Up and Virus Removal Townsville

What are Pop Ups?

Pop Ups are an annoying form of advertising on your computer which demand your attention.

These ads sit in your web browsing windows like Internet Explorer, Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox and are highly animated with the intention of being obvious and annoying so you are forced to deal with and pay attention to.

Some Pop Ups only get in the way, other will open new browser windows by themselves, others will close Windows and slow your computer down so much you will have no option but to restart your machine.


Virus Removal Townsville Popups


Virus like Pop Ups

Although Pop Ups are not Viruses in the strictest sense of the word, they exhibit a lot of the same traits and may very well be the result of a virus or some other form of malicious software like spyware on your computer.

A lot of Pop Ups are part of some other package or suite you may have installed on your computer accidentally.

Everybody loves a discount or a deal.  There are many programs out there which offer us discounts on this and that, and some of them actually do deliver on their promise of finding you great deals.

For the majority of these deal finders you need to install the associated software which comes with it. These programs install themselves not only in your “Program Files” but also in your web browser, showing Pop Up advertising every time you go to a particular site or when you surf the web.


When Pop Ups get Nasty

Some Pop Ups just want to advertise to you. However, there is lots of advertising already on the internet so they have had to evolve a bit and thats when they get nasty.

Another strategy Pop Up makers and advertisers use is to trick you into spending money.

A popular method is to make the Pop Up look like you Antivirus software. Within the Pop Up it will tell you that you have 1000’s of viruses on your computer and if you give them a sum of money they will remove it for you. Thats usually when Townsville computer repairs Nerds gets a call.


Where do Pop Up Viruses come from?

A lot of the time these type of virus like problems get on your computer without you knowing secretly while you install another type of application.

I used the example above where Pop Ups get into your web browser when you install some sort of discount coupon voucher finer but there are many other ways it has been done.

I guess the more you think like a criminal the greater your chances are of reducing your Pop Up infection but some of the common ways are listed below.

  • They are pre-packaged with other software installation files.
  • You have clicked or opened something which exploits vulnerabilities already with your system.
  • An email from another infected computer.
  • To watch a movie, you need to install a certain (unknowingly infected) plugin.
  • Something that promises to fix your computer like a cleaner or registry editor.

Its very hard to know what will and will not compromise your computer. Thats why it is always important to do your research before installing anything on your computer.


But I have a Antivirus on my computer

Every computer I look at with Viruses on them already have Antivirus software.

If every computer has antivirus software on it, you can’t rely on them alone to protect you. You are going to have to do you due diligence before installing anything on your computer.

I think of Antivirus software like a helmet for a motorbike rider. There is no guarantee it will save your life, but you would be crazy to race without one. The internet is not a safe and secure environment and should be treated as such.


Getting rid of Viruses and Pop Ups

Some Pop Ups and Viruses and very easy to remove, other are harder and some are impossible and require you to wipe your whole system.

The biggest threat I see from having viruses on your computer is their ability to spy on you.

Its already bad enough you have paid for someone to come out and fix your computer. It is even worse if it ruins your computer and you need a new one. But the absolute worse for me is if Spyware, which spies on you gets hold of something import like your bank account details.

Its one thing to loose your whole computer, its entirely a whole other world of pain to loose your identity or all the money in your bank account as well.

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