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Mobilegeddon has arrived. Is your website ready?

WARNING: This is not a joke or scare tactic.

As of May, Google has started penalising websites for not having a mobile version of themselves. If you have not be downgraded or excluded from Google results altogether yet, you soon will be. And your website might never recover! 


What is Mobilegeddon

Google has recently started delisting or penalising websites which do not have a mobile version of themselves.

A mobile version of your website changes the way it looks when on a mobile device in order to not appear distorted or out of proportion like most normal sites do on mobiles.


If your website looks the same on your mobile phone as it does on your computer, then you don’t have a mobile version of your site and will be penalised soon or later.

You can run a test here to see if your site is mobile friendly.

Google has realised more people view websites from mobile devices than their computer and are giving priority to mobile friendly sites over traditional sites.

Mobilegeddon only started at the end of April, but many people have already seen their sites drop to the back of the search results because they are not mobile friendly.

If your site is not mobile friendly it is only a matter of time before you are penalised!


How it is affecting our customers websites

We have already seen many of our customers here in Australia and abroad get penalised.

Customers and businesses who it has taken years to establish credibility and good Google search rankings have just disappeared or been thrown back past page 10  of the results where no one will ever seen them. Years of work down the drain.

Fortunately and especially if your website has been made on Wordpress it isn’t a very big deal to change and develop mobile version of your site to work parallel with your normal site.



Pricing listed below will depend on your existing setup and who is your hosting provider. I understand everyone is in a hurry to get this done before getting penalised.

We already have a lot of orders in the system but are knocking them out very quickly. First in first served.


With Wordpress already installed $350

If your website is already built on the worlds most popular web platform (Wordpress) it will cost $350. I can construct it so both your mobile and desktop site appear as one and only change depending on the device you use to view it. You domain name or emails will not change.

Note: When people go to on the mobile device it will automatically take them to your mobile version. Nothing in your name or content will change. It will work seamless.


Without Wordpress already Installed $700

If you already have an existing site, but it was not built on Wordpress it will be a matter of taking your existing content and importing it into your new website and new mobile site. You domain name or emails will not change.

Note: Your existing web hosting must support Wordpress, cPanel, PHP and MySQL, depending on the size of your site. If you don’t know what any of this means I can find all that out for you.


Without a website $1100

If you don’t have a website at all we will need to buy you a domain name, web hosting package and build your desktop and mobile web site from scratch. The total price is $1100 for a reasonable size static site. If you would like extras I can discuss with you what you require and how much it will cost.

Note: Most business sites are just reasonable size static sites. If you don’t know what any of this means I can discuss this all you.


SEO (Search Engine Optimised) site. Add $499 to any of the above packages

SEO is the term we give to websites which bests makes Google find, understand and display them. Although Google does not tell anyone how or what they look for in your site, we have a pretty good idea.

Setting up or changing your websites (SEO) integrity contributes to fulfilling the necessary requirements Google needs to give you better rankings.

Note: Although Google is the only one who has final say on your websites position at any given moment, changing a website to good SEO has always yielding positive results, be it in a day, a month or in extreme cases a year.



Contact Details

Because of the urgency of this, Facebook is the best way to get hold of me. I can’t always answer my phone but are usually checking Facebook.


Please contact my by Facebook if you can – This is my personal account

Ross Rudall Facebook

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Because of the urgency of getting peoples websites mobile before they get penalised I am giving out my personal Facebook account.

Please message me anytime at all to discuss this with you.

Thank you.



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If you contact me by email and already have a website, please include your website address so I can check it out for you.


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