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Mobile Computer Repairs Townsville

Mobile computer repairs Townsville


Going back to the early 2000’s when internet was slow and computers where much more expensive I use to have a shop on Ingham Road.

I also had a internet acfe named Cyberzone with 20 computers, xbox’s etc.

One of the services I offered was computer repairs. Not as many people had computers in their home then as they do now, but it was still enough to get a lot of regular work.

Every now and again, maybe 1 in 20 customers would ask me if they didn’t mind me coming out to their homes or businesses to look at their computers, printers and network.

Although I didn’t mind doing this, in fact I quote enjoyed it, it wasn’t my core business. However, as the times changed, internet become much cheaper and more people started having computers and laptops in Townsville, so did my business.

Before I new it I was getting more calls out to Townsville residents than I did having people come into the shop. Somewhere in the mid 2000’s the tables had turned and only 1 in 20 wanted to come to me.

So I changed my business altogether and sold the shop. Townsville computer repairs Nerds mobile business was born as a full time thing and ever since I have been coming out to your home and business.

Benefits of a onsite service

The main reason people call me to come to them other than the other way around is because of the convenience. It’s just too hard to grab all the cables, devices and machinery needed most of the time to effectively fix your computer.

Its much easier for you and for me to just come out and see the computer in its working environment to determine whats wrong.

  • You wont forget anything
  • Much faster
  • Don’t have to lug computers around
  • See the problems in real situation
  • More time to ask questions
  • More time to do the job properly

Please don’t be afraid to call me for any computer or internet and network related problems.

No job is too big or too small and all my customers are equally important to me. I have over 9000 customers and have been operating about 200 years.


How we differ from the rest

I personally don’t believe you should just someone to come out to their house and not do anything. I don’t believe in call out fee and paying someone buy the hour.

I have had people come to my house before to look at washing machines and fridges just to tell me they don’t do that particular brand and still charge me a call out fee. It’s wrong and we don’t do it.

Also we don’t charge by the hour. Its not fair to the customer. You don’t know exactly how long it is going to take so the poor customer could be signing their life away because the job could take way too long.

How I work is I will come out to your house or business 100% for free. I will determine whats wrong and give you a quote on exactly how much it will cost to fix it.

If I cant do the job or you choose not to employ me to do it, it cost you nothing either way because I don’t have a call out fee and I come out and give 100% free no obligation quotes!

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